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New Electricians and Customer Communication

Are you a people person? Whether you have top-notch social skills or you’re more of an introvert, take a look at what new electricians need to know about customers and…

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Electricians and Customer Service

5 Ways Electrical Training Can Prepare You for Winter Work

An electrician performs both interior and exterior work in all kinds of conditions. As you prepare to become a certified electrician, you will build experience for all kinds of situations….

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Electrical Training for Winter Months

New to the Field? How to Market Your Electrician Abilities

How can you become an in-demand electrician? Armed with information they’ve gathered online, your would-be customers often have lengthy lists of requirements and expectations for an electrical professional. Take a…

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Market to be an Electrician

A Guide to Electrician Jobs for Video Game Lovers

If you love video games, then you can take career training to make video games an everyday part of your work life. In the world of electricians, you have many…

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electrician careers in gaming

Physical Training Courses Essential for Becoming an Electrician

A huge part of becoming an electrician is learning the electrical skills, but you also have a big physical side to the job. When you go into the electrical field,…

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Physical Training Courses for an Electrician

4 Advantages of an Electrician Apprenticeship Program

While many electricians start out their path to a career as an apprentice, some choose to start off in trade school or college. Either way, you will enter a career…

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Electrician Apprenticeship Benefits

4 Ways Electricians Can Make Extra Money Around the Holidays

As you seek out a career as an electrician, you will become an independent worker or join a company. Learn how to take advantage of the holidays for some extra…

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Make Extra Money Around the Holidays

Electrician Licensing You Need in the Cincinnati Tri-State Area

When you’re an independent contractor, it’s easy to assume you aren’t accountable to anything higher than the companies that hire you. However, you still have the responsibility to maintain your…

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Electrician Licensing

A Guide to Electrician Courses for Introverted Individuals

If you are an introverted person, the idea of working with a large classroom full of people may not be your ideal learning situation. Fortunately, in the world of electricians,…

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Electrician Courses

4 Casino-Based Electrician Job Options

Casinos all over the country rely on electronics, casino games, and an atmosphere to create a memorable experience for patrons. The casinos and resorts hire electricians for a number of…

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Casino-based Electrician Jobs