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When Should You Call a Professional Electrician?

Electrical issues in your home can be both inconvenient and potentially dangerous. Cincinnati electricians can help prevent and reduce the risk of accidents and faulty circuit fires, while they provide…

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when to call a professional electrician

How Long Does It Take To Become an Electrician in Ohio?

Working with electrical systems is a valuable skill. Construction, municipal public works, and aviation manufacturers are industries that require certified electricians. People considering electrician training often wonder how long it…

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electrician training programs

Earn While You Learn: IEC On-the-Job Training

Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) provide electrician apprenticeship programs that offer pathways into various careers in the field. You can join our programs, get paid on-the-job training, and take an exam…

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licensed electrician training

Training Courses for Electricians in Cincinnati, OH

If you plan to become a certified electrician, you should take classes to equip you with knowledge and skills. At Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC), we offer comprehensive electrician training. Our…

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electrician training courses

Signs It’s Time To Call an Electrician

Electrical systems are beneficial, as they help power devices and appliances and light up buildings to enhance comfort and convenience. Your system may be susceptible to damage over time, necessitating…

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Signs you need an electrician

What Topics Are Covered in Electrician Training?

Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) accept students with no experience in electrical work. A high school diploma, GED or equivalent is enough to get you started. You may also need to…

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electrician training topics

IEC Trade Skill Programs for Electricians

If you’re a beginner or a small firm looking to grow your career in the electrical industry, look no further. At Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC), we offer electrician training to…

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IEC Trade Skill Programs

4 Signs That Electrician Might Be the Career for You

Choosing electrical training as your ideal career path can open you up to many lucrative contracts, making serious business out of your skill. You need to possess the right personal…

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electrician career

What Separates a Good Electrician From a Bad One?

Are you looking to join certified Cincinnati electricians? Start your journey by joining an apprenticeship program with IEC – Independent Electrical Contractors. We’re a national trade association for electrical contractors,…

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Good Electricians

8 Different Types of Electricians and What You Should Know

Those who want to become an electrician have an array of jobs to specialize in. As a certified electrician, you can install, repair, and maintain electrical systems in homes, commercial…

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Types of Electricians