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October 6, 2020

4 Ways Electricians Can Make Extra Money Around the Holidays

Make Extra Money Around the Holidays

As you seek out a career as an electrician, you will become an independent worker or join a company. Learn how to take advantage of the holidays for some extra cash in addition to your regular income. Your training will go a long way in providing gig opportunities during October, November, and December holidays.

Learn how holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas can open up opportunities to earn extra money so that you can cater advertising directly to the specific events and seek out customers who need your skills.

  1. Holiday Light Installations

An electrician is necessary for many forms of holiday lights. You may install and test exterior outlets on a home. For a large light display, you may help test out and regulate the electricity at the home. Your troubleshooting skills will help you solve problems and bring power to magical light creations.

You may have to upgrade a circuit breaker to handle power coming from extra lights. On holidays like Halloween, lawn decorations like blow-up skeletons or animatronic witches may need special wiring and power needs. Use holiday-themed ads or images from past jobs to reach out to customers.

  1. Holiday Event Set-Up

From October to December, you may find several holiday events that need an electrician. These gigs will help you earn extra money and build your reputation as a reliable and useful electrician. Around Halloween, you may find gigs where you help set up lighting and electrical needs for haunted hayrides and haunted houses.

If locations hold events like a Trunk or Treat, advanced light training can help you set up lights and test electrical inputs to help illuminate parking lots. Around Thanksgiving, many locations will hold special parades, which may need electricians to help wire speakers, microphones, and large floats with electrical elements.

Around Christmas, you may help with lighting and electrical connections for various events including ice skating sessions, parades, and Christmas concert performances. As the holiday shopping season picks up, you may find gigs helping pop-up stores with electrical options and power supplies.

  1. Holiday Present Installation

Around the holidays, many homeowners will purchase new appliances and items as holiday gifts. Your services may be needed to help install various items. You can offer services for the installations so the items are ready for the special days. For example, you could help with the installation of dishwashers, home surround systems, and new heaters.

You can also test out items and help with electrical upgrades to handle new appliances. For example, if someone changes from a gas stove to an electric stove, you can help install new outlets made specifically for electric stoves and ovens.

The services may also extend until a few weeks after the holidays when people open their gifts and seek professional installation. You could offer special holiday promotions to install multiple products within the same home at a reduced price.

  1. Commercial Holiday Displays

As the holidays approach, many businesses get into the holiday spirit with professional displays. The displays may include extensive lighting, animatronics, and sound-based designs. You could end up booking an annual gig where you set up special holiday displays. A versatile knowledge of electric skills will help you get the jobs.

In some locations, you may have multiple gigs within the same holiday season. For example, you could help wire and set up a Halloween display and then transition the display to Christmas display at some point in November. The dual gigs will help you make a lot of extra money and could become an annual tradition.

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