Month: August 2023

How Long Does It Take To Become an Electrician in Ohio?

Working with electrical systems is a valuable skill. Construction, municipal public works, and aviation manufacturers are industries that require certified electricians. People considering electrician training often wonder how long it will take to certify. This article will explore some of these questions. How Long Will I Be an Apprentice? Electrician training programs like the one…
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Earn While You Learn: IEC On-the-Job Training

Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) provide electrician apprenticeship programs that offer pathways into various careers in the field. You can join our programs, get paid on-the-job training, and take an exam for your license. We train thousands of apprentices through multiple centers and offer opportunities to train under a licensed contractor while getting paid. Our Apprenticeship…
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Training Courses for Electricians in Cincinnati, OH

If you plan to become a certified electrician, you should take classes to equip you with knowledge and skills. At Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC), we offer comprehensive electrician training. Our courses are government-certified so that you can get a quality education. Here are some training courses for electricians in Cincinnati, OH: Safety Training Courses Safety…
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