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November 24, 2020

A Guide to Electrician Jobs for Video Game Lovers

electrician careers in gaming

If you love video games, then you can take career training to make video games an everyday part of your work life. In the world of electricians, you have many career options, especially as you advance through training and become more experienced through apprenticeship programs.

Learn about careers directly associated with the world of video games and how to stay connected to gaming as you make a stable income.

  1. Video Game Events

The world of gaming has grown in recent years, and many gamers come together for large tournaments and gaming cons in arenas and convention centers. As an electrician, you can find gig jobs with tournament promoters or specific venues. Through the job, you can wire monitors, test out power, and hook up specialty lights for the event.

When hundreds of gamers are in a room, you will have to check power loads and make sure the venue can handle all of the computers or consoles at the same time. Throughout the event day, you will likely be on hand to oversee the operations and step in for quick repairs if anything has gone wrong.

As your work grows, you can make your services become an annual event or even seek out a more permanent role with traveling game companies. If you find work with a specific venue, then you can attend multiple gaming tournaments the venue holds.

  1. Home Theater Remodels

Gaming at home has evolved over the years and includes a lot of elements including 4K televisions, surround sound, and other accessories. As an electrician, you can seek out home theater remodeling gigs to help people set up ideal video game environments.

You may wire speakers through the walls of a home to provide surround sound. You could also install upgraded outlets. For example, a newer outlet with a USB charging port is an ideal option for charging wireless controllers.

Your skills are also essential for testing the power surge in the room and ensuring the room’s circuit breaker can handle power from televisions and gaming consoles. Another big part of an electrician’s job is lighting. You can install custom lighting to help improve the gaming experience.

For example, you may install a light dimmer switch so a gamer can turn the lights low as they play. You can have input in each home theater design and work with gamers to help their vision become a reality.

  1. Arcades and Entertainment Centers

Although these are not as popular as they once were, arcades and entertainment centers are still places you could work at. Through the gig, you would perform setup and repair for various arcades and machines. Tasks may include fixing outlet problems, repairing lights, or inspecting malfunctioning arcades.

Through an on-call gig, you would show up when needed and make repairs to keep arcades running smoothly. Everything from pinball machines to basketball ball games may require specific plugs and power needs, so your hands-on training would help fix any issues.

  1. Store Displays and Demos

To help promote new video launches and consoles, companies often create displays for use in stores and in window displays. As an electrician, you could help wire the displays, ensure they function correctly, and troubleshoot any problems. You may work directly with a video game company to help plan the setup or with stores that showcase the displays.

You will have direct interaction with some of the newest games and consoles, giving you a preview of what’s to come in the future. The early access gives you an opportunity to play games you love and decide on your own gaming purchases in the future. When you work for gaming companies, you may even receive discounts as well.

Start off on your career in the world of gaming with training through the Independent Electrical Contractors of Greater Cincinnati. After you go through our rigorous training program, you will have a lot of job opportunities associated with the world of gaming.