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January 22, 2021

4 Supplemental Ways to Help Your Electrical Training


As you go through electrical training courses, you will put a lot of work into building a knowledge base and completing the physical tasks needed for electrical jobs. To help get the most out of your courses and find success, you can introduce new habits into your life.

Learn about ways to supplement your electrical training, improve your performance, and create helpful methods for the long haul.

  1. Yoga

Flexibility is often a big part of electrical work. As you go through a training or apprentice program, you will quickly discover all the tight places and locations you must go to. Help improve your flexibility with yoga courses. Yoga exercises will help improve your leg and arm flexibility.

Not only will you have more comfort when accessing the areas, but you can stay in the areas for longer periods of time. When you take multiple electrical courses, you may not have the time to join a yoga class, but you can find plenty of free video instruction online to get a head start.

Look for courses that focus on flexibility, joint pain, and balance. Those three factors will become essential to performing electrical work.

  1. Meditation

Being an electrician requires a lot of focus. You have to learn to avoid the distractions, follow safety procedures, and complete your tasks. By learning to meditate, you can reduce the stresses of learning, enhance your ability to focus, and learn how to manage your body’s control while on the job.

Meditation comes in several forms and will create a relaxing state of being. After a long day of classes and learning, meditation will help you unwind and relax your body. Various forms of meditation can help you digest information so you don’t forget. Just like yoga, you can find online meditation courses to guide you through the process.

You can also find apps to help you meditate while on the go. For example, if you take public transportation to and from electrical classes, then meditation apps can help you focus and unwind during your travels.

  1. Foot & Ankle Weights

As you work at various jobs, you may find yourself climbing a lot of stairs or ladders to complete electrical work. After a long day, you could have a lot of pain in your feet and ankles. Help build strength and stamina in your feet with the use of foot and ankle weights. Wear the weights whenever you’re not doing electrical work.

Your feet will build natural strength, and movements will become easier as you perform tasks with the weights removed. Start off with a small weight size so you are comfortable with each step you take. From there, you can increase the sizes and continue to build strength over time.

By the time you finish your courses, you will have increased foot strength and stamina to last you for years in the future.

  1. Free Math Courses

Electrical work involves a lot of math, and a refresher course can really help as you learn advanced math used in electrical jobs. To help supplement your courses, consider taking free math courses online. The refresher courses can help you with percentages, fractions, decimals, and conversions. All the elements will come into play through different jobs.

The free courses can be taken in conjunction with your classes or as a nice head start before any of your electrical courses begin. The course can refresh your math skills and knowledge and make it easier to understand some of the harder concepts you may come across through electrical training, like voltage readings and conversions.

Sign up for our courses through the Independent Electrical Contractors of Greater Cincinnati. When you take the classes seriously and put in a little extra effort, your training can provide you with a stable and successful career for the future.