Month: March 2017

3 Vital Safety Training Courses for Electricians and Apprentices

Completing an apprenticeship to become an electrician is an excellent vocational choice. It’s a well-respected trade that offers an attractive salary, includes a wide variety of work environments, and sees a great demand for services from residential, commercial, and industrial clients across the country. Unfortunately, it is also a fairly high-risk profession. Over 150 electrical…
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10 Tools Every Apprentice Electrician Needs in Their Tool Belt

Apprentice electricians may have tools provided for them, or they may be responsible for purchasing their own tools, depending on the program in which they’re enrolled. However, every electrician-in-training eventually wants his or her own electrician’s kit stocked with high-quality tools. Below, you’ll find a list of 10 common tools used to perform most general…
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