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August 18, 2023

How Long Does It Take To Become an Electrician in Ohio?

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Working with electrical systems is a valuable skill. Construction, municipal public works, and aviation manufacturers are industries that require certified electricians. People considering electrician training often wonder how long it will take to certify. This article will explore some of these questions.

How Long Will I Be an Apprentice?

Electrician training programs like the one we offer at Independent Electrical Contractors of Cincinnati begin with an apprenticeship—an electrician’s apprenticeship usually last four or five years. Apprenticeship programs require about 2,000 hours of on-the-job and classroom training per year.

During your apprenticeship, you will learn the basic skills of the electrician’s trade. Your technical instruction will cover reading blueprints, mathematics, and other skills needed in the electrician’s trade. You will also have opportunities to begin study on your specialization.

The US Department of Labor Ohio State Apprenticeship Council (OSAC) governs electrician apprenticeships in the greater Cincinnati area. To earn a journeyman’s certification, the OSAC requires 8,000 on-the-job (OJT) hours and 576 hours of classroom training.

How Long Do I Need to Study Before I Make Money?

During your apprenticeship, you will need to earn on-the-job training. You should be able to make money during this time from day one. At IEC of Cincinnati, your education will be sponsored by your employer. In addition to paying you for your on-the-job time, your sponsor will also cover your tuition.

I’m a Certified Journeyman; What Comes Next?

Once certified as a journeyman, you can work as an electrician in all 50 States. While there is nothing wrong with stopping at this level, you might wish to continue your training. If you want to continue, the next step is a master electrician certification.

Earning a master electrician certification shows you can follow strict building codes and solve intricate problems. In addition to increased pay, certifying as a master electrician opens several new options. The first of these is the ability to start your own business. As a master, you can also find opportunities to design blueprints and oversee projects.

The base requirement for master electrician training is additional on-the-job experience. To earn your master electrician certification, you will need more than 17,000 hours of electrician experience. While your journeyman training counts toward this goal, you should expect this to take several years. You will also need to pass a master certification exam.

How Do I Begin My Electrician Training?

The electrician training apprenticeship program offered by IEC of Cincinnati is a great way to start your career as an electrician. There is no requirement for prior work experience, so you can start immediately. The process begins when you apply on our website.

Working as an electrician requires proficiency in mathematics. To begin our program, you must schedule a basic math skills assessment. If you are worried you won’t earn a passing grade, you can prepare for the test by taking a practice assessment. A practice assessment can help you identify areas where you may need extra practice to pass the entrance assessment.

The core of your electrician training will be on-the-job. To begin your journeyman program, you must be hired by one of our member contractors. A directory of our member contractors can be found on our website.