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July 26, 2022

What Separates a Good Electrician From a Bad One?

Good Electricians

Are you looking to join certified Cincinnati electricians? Start your journey by joining an apprenticeship program with IEC – Independent Electrical Contractors. We’re a national trade association for electrical contractors, offering electrical services, training, and placements to produce the best electricians in the business. Here’s a look at the top qualities distinguishing good electricians from bad ones:

Good Electricians Take Responsibility for Their Work

A good electrician will take personal responsibility for their work. At IEC, we focus on training responsible electricians ready to own up to their outcomes. Commitment is shown in various ways, including thorough formal agreements like a warranty. A lengthy warranty shows confidence in the products and service delivered. You’ll receive free or discounted services if your system breaks down within the warranty duration.

Bad electricians don’t bother with warranties and quality service guarantees. Their interest is making money fast, without caring for their customers. Many will do a low-quality job with no written guarantees, so you can’t hold them accountable.

You should look up references and past clients to learn more about the electrician’s accountability and trustworthiness. We offer reputable electricians passionate about their work and reputation.

Good Electricians Are Insured, Certified & Bonded

Electrical services should be handled by trained and experienced professionals with local certifications. IEC offers training programs to individuals interested in becoming certified electricians. We have apprenticeship programs, so you work under experienced electricians, tackling real-life problems. You’ll also undergo classroom training to learn electrical theory. After training, you can apply for the electrician’s exam to obtain your license.

The best electricians are certified, licensed, and insured. Insurance protects you and the client from various risks, and can pay for damages if something goes wrong during work. Bad electricians don’t have the required training and may operate without credible permits. Most clients will request to see your qualifications before hiring you for an electrical job. IEC is a licensed, bonded, and insured association you can get professional, reliable certification from.

Good Electricians Are Friendly and Well-Groomed

Certified electricians go through several classes involving basic etiquette and communication. Such courses are vital in shaping interactions with clients. At IEC, we train electricians to become courteous and trustworthy professionals. Every electrician is well-groomed and taught how to communicate in a friendly way to forge good relationships. Grooming also helps electricians to build a growing reputation, which is critical in attracting more business.

The client should always feel comfortable during all interactions, especially during the first interaction. Bad electricians don’t have the grooming and may easily appear impatient and unfriendly, or dress unprofessionally and speak loudly or too much. Other highlights of bad electricians include a lack of proper order when doing their work and messy results.

Good Electricians Are Always Punctual and Flexible

Punctuality is a quality of professional electricians who value their commitment to the client. IEC electricians are trained to always be on time for all appointments and services. We know the importance of time and how downtime affects clients. Once good electricians commit, they show up on time to get the work done, or have a solid reason if they show up late. Good electricians will also find a way to make up for their lateness.

Bad electricians have a habit of keeping their clients waiting. They have no handle on time and disregard the losses the client suffers every minute. Bad electricians are also poor at keeping deadlines. They may rush things and act unapologetic or even rude when confronted.

At IEC, we emphasize commitment and courtesy, focusing on customer satisfaction. Our electricians are always punctual and flexible.

Good Electricians Offer Digital Inspections

The modern electrician has a well-maintained professional website that describes their services and who they are. A good electrician should be accessible via their website and offer a digital inspection before recommending changes. IEC electricians are committed to helping clients and seek to optimize the entire electrical system. A good electrician asks whether their service will truly help the client. The goal is to identify and fix the root problem.

Unprofessional electricians are usually more concerned about services that add up the price, and don’t consider alternative, cheaper solutions to problems. They do not offer inspections unless the client asks for it, in which case they often add a hefty price tag.

Good electricians will complete their due diligence, present the findings and let the client choose what needs to be fixed. Some electricians even ponder the best solutions to save the client more money.

Dependable Cincinnati Electricians

Reputable Cincinnati electricians have the proper certifications, insurance, and credentials. They also have a clean record and a growing regional reputation. At IEC – Independent Electrical Contractors, we serve homes and businesses, providing professional services.

We also cater to individuals looking for electrical Jobs in the Greater Cincinnati Area. Our association was founded in 1957, and we’ve been in Cincinnati since 1988. We’ve employed over a thousand field workers and offer training courses and apprenticeship programs.