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August 2, 2017

Want to Train as an Electrician? Learn What to Look for in an Apprentice Program


Many electricians offer apprentice programs or training to allow individuals like you to become journeyman electricians. There is a benefit to an apprenticeship for both the student and the teacher: the student learns a valuable trade with an average salary of $55,590 annually, and the teacher gains a potential employee who they have properly trained under their own tutelage.

The demand for licensed electricians is high and you can gain lucrative work in the field once you have the proper education and training. If you are thinking about becoming an electrician’s apprentice, here are some things you should look for in a potential training program.

Paid Training

Seek an apprentice electrician program that not only provides you the many hours you need of hands-on training in order to get certified in your state but one that will also pay you to learn as well. Many apprentice programs offer perks of varying benefits, such as a guaranteed position in an affluent electricity company, financial assistance for classes and textbooks or completely paid training.

Since it can take a long time to acquire the skills and training hours to get your certification, you want to make sure you remain financially independent while you learn your new trade. An apprentice program that will pay you for your hard work under an electrician’s tutelage will allow you to have the best of both worlds: education and income.

Length of Apprenticeship

Every electrician will have their own way of training a new apprentice, and with around 2,000 on-site job hours required to get certified, it can take a few months to a few years to get the training needed to move on to the next step. While most, if not all, of this training is paid (outside of the technical portion of your education), you don’t want to remain an apprentice longer than you are willing to study.

Seek an electrician apprentice company that will allow you to fulfill your training requirements in a reasonable time frame. This can mean working full time and even weekends to speed up your training, but in the end, you can become certified more quickly and move forward in your career as an electrician.

Specialty Training

There are many types of journeyman electricians and several niches in the electrical industry in general. You can work in residential, commercial or industrial settings, set your sights on outdoor wiring or even do electric work on a government level.

Seek an electrician apprentice training program that allows you to train in the specific field of electricity you desire. Some more extensive fields may require additional schooling as well as a training program.

Talk to a career counselor or an electrician to find out what type of electrician’s apprentice program will work best for you. If you are unsure of what type of electrician you wish to be, opt for a regular journeyman electrician’s training and license, then add further education to your experience as you become more skilled in your craft.

Becoming an electrician is a great way to boost you hire-ability in today’s competitive economy. You will be able to acquire the skills you need to work for yourself, a successful electric company or even in a government sector. The right apprenticeship training can allow you to make money while learning a valuable skill at once.

Our goal at Independent Electrical Contractors of Greater Cincinnati is to help you become a skilled and confident electrician. Create a career change with our expert company today and allow us to train you in a growing field. Contact us for more information on our nationally recognized apprenticeship program.