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July 20, 2023

Signs It’s Time To Call an Electrician

Signs you need an electrician

Electrical systems are beneficial, as they help power devices and appliances and light up buildings to enhance comfort and convenience. Your system may be susceptible to damage over time, necessitating repairs or upgrades. Here are signs you need an electrician:

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights can disrupt productive work sessions, causing irritation and inability to focus. One flickering light in your home may have a benign cause, like a loose or bad bulb. In this case, changing the bulb should get your light to work normally. You may need to call one of our electrical graduates if changing the bulb doesn’t work, as it could point to a problem with your wiring.

Call our electricians if your lights flicker when you power large appliances like your A/C or washing machine. This could indicate a problem with your central circuit breaker. When overloaded, it can cause lights to dim or flicker. Our electricians will inspect your system to determine if you need repairs or an upgrade. You can trust their recommendations as they’ve undergone an extensive four-year electrical training program that looks at every aspect of an electrical system.

Blowing Fuses or Tripped Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers and fuses offer protection when there’s a power surge by cutting your power. Fuses typically melt, and circuit breakers temporarily turn off circuits. While it may be normal for either to occur occasionally, often when there’s a high current flow in your circuit, it’s concerning when your fuse or circuit breaker blow and trip almost every day or week.

Our electricians will diagnose the cause of your fuse problems before recommending a solution. Common causes include ground faults, arc faults, and damaged wiring. Ground and arc faults may indicate issues with your circuit, and damaged wiring may result from poor electrical installation. Our certified electricians have the expertise to fix either problem and prevent future blown fuses or breakers.

Warm Outlets

Your outlets shouldn’t get hot, no matter how much power you use in your home or business. If they do, it could indicate a circuit overload. This is dangerous as it could result in electrical shocks, putting your loved ones in danger. Our electricians will inspect your system to determine if you need an entire system upgrade or if changing the wiring in affected areas will be enough.

Look out for other signs like weird smells from your outlets or discoloration. They often occur because of short-circuiting in your wiring, which, if unsolved, can cause fires. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe by contacting our professionals immediately after you notice either sign.

Call Our Certified Cincinnati Electricians When You Have an Electrical Problem

The IEC – Independent Electrical Contractors, is a nationally recognized trade organization committed to producing the best electricians in Cincinnati. We have over 53 contractor members with over 1350 Cincinnati electricians ready to help solve your electrical problem. Contact us today for all your electrical system repair or upgrading needs.