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May 11, 2021

Future Technologies That Will Help Employ Electricians

Technologies that help employ electricians

Electricity is the cornerstone for almost everything in the United States. People are constantly in need of electricians to install, replace, and fix electrical issues. If you seek a stable career that can expand into the future, then consider some of the growing industries where electricity is essential.

Each area offers opportunities for you to work in both commercial and residential environments. Through proper training and courses, you can expand on your career goals and be ready to take on major technological changes in the future.

Electric Car Growth

Electric cars have been around for several years now, but they have a lot of potential for growth. Companies have committed to growing their fleet of electric cars. While your training will not involve the cars themselves, every car owner will need an electric hookup at their home.

As an electrician, your focus is on car charging port installations both on the exterior of homes or inside garages. On the commercial side, you may offer services to businesses and companies to install EV parking areas with charging ports. The more the cars become mainstream, the more homes will need the upgrades and installations.

VR Headset Technology

The world of virtual reality originally began as a gimmick but has slowly expanded as the headset quality improves with each new release. While many of the headsets are wireless, electrical work can help with other functions of VR. Eventually, people may rely on sensory pads located on walls and floors.

Plug-in options may be needed to charge the headsets or provide other interactive components. On the commercial side, entertainment businesses may need full VR rooms set up with lights, electrical outlets, and connections to help run longer VR sessions.

Smart Homes

The way people use their home has completely changed. Smart speakers and other devices give homeowners the ability to use voice commands to turn on lights, turn on music, and perform other operations like closing automatic blinds. An electrician will help with wiring and power control. A full inspection can determine if a home can handle the excess power.

Wiring through walls, electrical connections, and tests are all essential tasks an electrician will perform. Some homes may need upgrades to handle extra power. You will upgrade electrical boxes, increase the power load and help ensure a house runs smoothly with all the smart technology installed.

Smart home technology only seems to grow and expand. Homeowners may rely on cameras, thermostats, and other gear that needs proper wiring and connections. With each new major change, you will be ready and fully trained to complete the job.

Qi Chargers & USB Connections

Smart phones and tablets often rely on USB-based chargers, but many devices have converted to wireless charging pads known as Qi Chargers. No matter how a device charges, an electrician can help adapt a home. Outlet upgrades may include USB ports to help power more devices.

Nearly every room in the home can benefit from USB port outlet installations. The bedroom could feature a cell phone charging station. A kitchen may feature USB ports ideal for small appliances. A living room may use the ports to charge video game controllers or to plug in smart speakers.

Some homeowners may seek built-in Qi charging stations so a USB cable and connection is no longer needed. The technology has so many ways to grow, but the base product will always rely on electricity.

Learn how to expand your career and build skills through our training programs at Independent Electrical Contractors of Greater Cincinnati. With a full course or some refresher courses, you can stay up to date on modern technology and allow your career as an electrician to thrive.