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June 11, 2020

Electrician Job Options for Sports Lovers

Electrician Job in the Sports Industry

The world of sports involves a much larger field than just the athletes. When presenting sports on a national stage, many professionals are needed, including electricians. If you love sports, then follow this guide to find out the wide variety of electrician jobs available in the field.

With a better understanding of the available jobs, you will have the option to focus on specific learning and aspects of an electrical training program.

Arena and Venue Electricians

As individual sports teams travel for home and away games, the teams themselves do not often hire their own electricians. The venues will hire the electricians to work at a single location and provide services for the whole venue.

As an arena electrician, you may find you working for more than just one professional team. For example, if you were to become a Madison Square Garden electrician, you would work for professional teams like the New York Knicks and New York Rangers.

Through the job, you would help with lighting, electrical needs, cabling, and displays. Smaller jobs may include outlet inspections, electrical work in the arena offices, and general maintenance. Even when sports are out of season, you would still have work at the arena to help with special productions and other shows.

As you search for electrician jobs, also consider outdoor stadium positions for baseball, football, and soccer teams. The venues have a lot of electrical needs and will provide you with a stable job surrounded by the world of sports.

Studio Electrician

Along with venues where sports are played, numerous networks and online outlets provide sports news and updates. TV studios provide access for reports and interviews with major athletes. As an electrician, you could find a wide range of jobs at television studios.

Work on wiring, studio upgrades, lighting, and other electricity needs. Unlike a sports season that ends, the sports news cycle never seems to end. Studios constantly upgrade electrical work and provide changes to improve their shows.

You may seek out national networks or local-based shows. Depending on where you want to live, you could find studios in almost every state. A number of the bigger studios are in major cities, but you will find options all around the United States.

Some studios also rely on remote location shoots. For example, at bigger events, a temporary studio will set up outside an arena, and electricians are often needed to regulate, test, and help with studio elements. The remote shoots provide you with extra job options and gives you exposure to various sporting events.

Traveling Electrician

For specific sports, you may find careers where you travel with companies or teams. For example, the world of pro-wrestling operates a lot differently than other organized sports. With multiple pro-wrestling events each week, you will help set up electrical components, lighting rigs, display screens, and other electrical needs.

Often, you will have a set list of electrical jobs. As you get used to the job, you will repeat the same actions for each venue, performing the same task over and over as you perfect your electrical skills and learn from other electricians who travel with you on the road.

Along with weekly shows, you will have special events and pay per views to help set up. Consider careers in other niche sports, including cheerleading, ice skating, or gymnastics. Many of the organizations will travel year-round. You will travel to different cities and venues all across the country.

Through your exposure, you will have a ton of access to the sport and can follow your passion while you complete the needed electrical work.

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