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June 14, 2021

Career Options for Electricians

Career Options for Electricians

As an electrician, you have a myriad of career opportunities to explore. You can work in multiple environments, including homes, offices, or manufacturing plants, and work on different elements such as wire installation and maintenance, blueprint reading, or electrical components inspection.

Learn about the many career options you have as an electrician.

Residential Electrician

Residential electricians work in homes, condominiums, motels, vacation homes, and small apartment buildings to install and repair residential electrical systems and wiring.

Examples of work you will do include installing appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers; running diagnostics on devices; installing fire, smoke, and heat detectors; working on indoor and outdoor lighting; and installing other electrical equipment such as motion sensors and audio systems.

Commercial Electrician 

Commercial electricians do a similar job with residential electricians but on a larger scale. Your work will mainly entail installing electrical systems during the construction of commercial spaces, but you can also do repairs and maintenance. Your work responsibilities are often installing wiring throughout the building and installing commercial systems like heaters, security systems, keying systems, and mechanical systems.

You will also do the troubleshooting for faulty systems and wiring and systems upgrades.

Industrial Electrician

Industrial electricians work in large factories, mines, shipyards, and manufacturing plants. You will work on hydraulic systems, electrical motors, generators, industrial storage batteries, pneumatic and electrical control systems, and alternators.

An industrial electrician’s roles include installing electrical wiring, control panels, transformers, switch boxes and board meters, conduits, conveyors, feeders, regulators, lighting fixtures, fiber optics, and other massive power systems.


A lineworker works on electrical transport systems that connect power from power plants to homes or commercial spaces. Your work entails distributing and transmitting high-power lines and systems either underground in trenches or overhead on poles.

You could also work on setting up, inspecting, and maintaining electrical poles and lines; installing transformers and insulators; and installing and maintaining traffic signs.

Security and Fire Alarm System Installer

An electrician specialized in security systems can work anywhere from homes, commercial settings, and industrial spaces. Your roles include installing and maintaining security and alarm systems, mounting control panels, installing sensors and cameras, doing keypad programming, and troubleshooting and diagnosing security system malfunctions.

Network Cabling

Another specialty you can choose is network cabling, where you install and distribute lines for telecommunications companies, network providers, and internet providers. As you work to install and maintain networking systems, you will test for voice, data, and video transmission; install adapters and outlet boxes; route cables; provide cable support; core holes within the working space; and perform system upgrades.

Service Technician

The work is similar to a lineman where you inspect and repair malfunctioning in power supply transmission. You can specialize further as a service technician to work in transport systems or utility power transmission systems; both allow you to connect electricity.

Solar Panel Installer 

Such an electrician can also be called a renewable energy technician since you install and maintain solar energy. Your work entails working with solar panels to connect them to electrical grids and perform routine checks on the solar panels. As a renewable energy technician, you can work on wind and water generators and mechatronics.

You have many career opportunities open in the electrical trade, all of which have excellent earning options. If you need hands-on training to start your career or a career placement for qualified candidates, do not hesitate to contact us; we will help you take advantage of the growing variety of electrical jobs. We look forward to helping you discover and choose the career path that best suits your wants, needs, and preferences.