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August 31, 2020

A Guide to Electrician Courses for Introverted Individuals

Electrician Courses

If you are an introverted person, the idea of working with a large classroom full of people may not be your ideal learning situation. Fortunately, in the world of electricians, there are ways to limit the class size for your courses and not become overwhelmed with the socialization or pressure that comes with large groups.

Not only can you focus on classes geared more towards the introverted individual, but you can take steps to prepare for a career and lifestyle that caters to your personal preferences of working solo and on your own for a majority of the time.

Apprentice Work Study

As part of your training, you will have a lot of traditional classroom settings, but you also have the opportunity to be a part of an apprentice work study. In the study, you will work directly with another electrician as opposed to a whole group of electricians. You will go on real electrician assignments, complete tasks, and learn as repairs are completed.

The individual focus allows you to learn, feel more comfortable, and speak up when needed. You can bond with the electricians and help improve your energy levels. In a classroom setting, your energy may deplete faster with more interactions and socialization. The work study provides a situation to help you thrive and gain the most of the educational experience.

Journeyman Training

While you take training courses, you need to consider your career in the field. For many introverts, you may prefer a solo career where you work out on the field with minimal help from other employees. The first step to the process is journeyman training.

When you become a certified electrician, advancing to the journeyman certification gives you the opportunity to work on your own. Without the certification, you must work under a master electrician. Through the journeyman training, you will focus heavily on courses like electrical codes, wiring, lighting, and transformers.

Once you complete the courses, you will take an exam to receive your journeyman certification.

Master Electrician Training

If you want to expand further and have more solo job opportunities, continue your course options with master electrician training. A master certification gives you a lot more options for solo job opportunities. You can choose jobs that do not focus on large work crews and have a chance to seek out jobs that cater to your introverted attributes.

As you go through the master electrician training, you will take more hands-on courses where you will have individual projects as opposed to group settings in the classroom. So even if you have a larger class, the learning will feel more isolated and give you a comfortable vibe as you advance your skills.

Business Classes

Ideally, introverted individuals may have an end goal of owning their electrician’s business. You can choose the people you work around, keep the business completely solo, and choose settings ideal to your comfort levels. For example, you could open a residential business as opposed to working in commercial places like a crowded mall or arena.

Business classes will help train you to stand on your own and operate a small business. Courses include a focus on taxes, budgeting, time management, and the steps you need to take as a start-up business. As opposed to general classes, business classes at an electrician school will focus on the specific needs for the career.

You will learn details about tax deductions, hiring employees, and everything you need to operate your business on your own.

Being introverted doesn’t eliminate your chance to become an electrician. You just need to prepare and set up an educational path that fits your personal needs and energy levels.

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