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June 26, 2014

2014 Graduation and Awards Banquet

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IEC of Greater Cincinnati congratulates the 33 apprentices that graduated from the 4-year apprenticeship program June 5th.  The Graduation and Awards ceremony took place at the Sharonville Convention Center with over 175 in attendance!

Class of 2014

Robert N. Arnett, Queen City Electric, Inc.
Joey C. Balzer, Viox Services, Inc.
Kyle W. Basdon, Craftsman Electric, Inc.
Reed P. Bertke, Bertke Electric Co., Inc.
Brandon M. Calloway, Atkins & Stang, Inc.
Michael E. DeFossett, King’s Electric Services, Inc.
Patrick S. Donovan, Kraft Electrical Contracting, Inc.
Michael A. DuBose, Denier Electric Co., Inc.
Charlie B. Fischer, Jr., Craftsman Electric, Inc.
Scott R. Fritz, AC Electrical Systems, Inc.
Andrew L. Geers, Kenmarc, Inc.
Matthew B. Grover, King’s Electric Services, Inc.
Michael T. Hampton, Ohio Valley Electrical Services, LLC
Robert A. Huck, LPM Electric
Kyle J. Kellum, Biz Com Electric, Inc.
Jeffrey R. Kuebel, Queen City Electric, Inc.
Brandon C. Lindsay, Parks OV Electric, LLC
Michael S. Miller, Kraft Electrical Contracting, Inc.
Andrew W. Monroe, Stapleton Electric Co.
Joshua E. Nixon, Kraft Electrical Contracting, Inc.
James M. Parker, Denier Electric Co., Inc.
Steven N. Rentz, Cooper Electric
Gabriel M. Rogers, Denier Electric Co., Inc.
Joshua D. Ruberg, Kraft Electrical Contracting, Inc.
Benjamin C. Sanford, AC Electrical Systems, Inc.
Timothy J. Sattler, Queen City Electric, Inc.
James R. Schaefer, ICS Electrical Services
Anthony W. Smith, Kraft Electrical Contracting, Inc.
Jeremy D. Thompson, ICS Electrical Services
Kurt M. Vaughn, Rossmann Electric
David S. Watkins, Trebor Electrical Contractors, Inc.
Andrew J. Weisenberger, AC Electrical Systems, Inc.
Kevin L. Witte, Ohio Valley Electrical Services, Inc.

Congratulations to our 2014 Apprentice of the Year, Matthew Grover, King’s Electric Services!  Matthew won a 10-Piece Klein Tool Kit, an Ideal Tool Kit and Meter as well as an all-expense paid trip to the IEC National Convention in Baltimore where he will compete in the National Wire-Off Competition.  Matthew was also awarded highest GPA in 4th year of apprenticeship, highest GPA for monthly code exams in 4th year of apprenticeship, perfect score on the Middletown, Ohio, Journeyman Exam, and the Academic Excellence Award!

Other Award Winners:
IEC of Greater Cincinnati Essay Contest – Charlie Fischer, Jr., Craftsman Electric
Perfect Attendance 2013-2014 School Year – Brandon Calloway, Atkins & Stang, Bob Huck, LPM Electric, Tim Sattler, Queen City Electric
4 Years of Outstanding Attendance (4 hours or less missed in 4 years) – Tim Sattler, Queen City Electric
4 Year Overall Perfect Attendance (no hours missed in 4 years) – Brandon Calloway, Atkins & Stang
4 Year Overall Cumulative GPA of 93 or Above – Charlie Fischer, Jr., Craftsman Electric (93.17%), Kyle Kellum, Biz Com Electric (93.82%), Mike Hampton,Ohio Valley Electric (93.83%)
1st Place Wire-Off Winner – Matthew Grover, King’s Electric
3rd Place Wire-Off – Dave Watkins, Trebor Electric
2nd Place Wire-Off – Mike Hampton, Ohio Valley Electric

All apprentices passed the Middletown, Ohio, Journeyman Exam and 30 out of 33 of our apprentices passed the Kentucky Journeyman Exam.  Congratulations to our graduates!

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