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August 4, 2021

4 Niche Business Opportunities for New Electricians

Business Opportunities for Electricians

As you go through electrician training and apprenticeship, you not only learn the skills needed in the field, but you have a lot of career decisions to make. If you decide to start your own business, you can enter the general electrical field or focus on unique options. A niche electrician business can work as your main work or make extra money on the side.

Check out some of the niche options to consider and ways to promote those options once your electrical training is complete.

  1. Collectible Displays

Collectibles are popular among pop-culture enthusiasts and people who love the world of toys. From action figure sets to block building sets, many collectors like to display their collections and showcase their favorite items. As an electrician, consider services that directly cater to collectors.

One of the main elements of a collectible display is the lighting. Shelf lighting, overhead lighting, and track lighting all supply unique ways to illuminate an action figure set. As an electrician, you can help plan out the lighting in a room and offer up custom light plans to fit with different collections.

Many collector displays will try to avoid natural sunlight. Automated blinds will help block out the sun and give an owner multiple options as they display their toys. Once you have a couple sample options available, use pictures and descriptions to cater directly to other collectors. Reach out through the collector community and find gigs for specific jobs.

  1. Home Theater Electrical Work

As streaming services dominate televisions and 4K visuals become the norm, many homes want the best home theater experience. Electricians with a focus on home theaters can emphasize a lot of specific skill sets that you expand on with extra experience.

Electrical work for a home theater will include a lot of power and outlet installations to handle televisions and other devices like video game consoles. Through your business, you can promote TV wiring, surround sound connections, and specialty lighting for home theaters.

Advanced installations may include ceiling fans, soundbars, projector screens, and floor lighting similar to real movie theaters. You could have a whole business element separate from your main business that attracts home theater enthusiasts.

  1. Electrical Exteriors

Outdoor living spaces have expanded well beyond a typical patio set. Now, homeowners create second kitchens with outdoor spaces like decks and patios. Use your electrical skills to improve outdoor spaces with an emphasis on exterior light installations, extra outlet installations, and hookups for outdoor appliances.

A homeowner will typically have a vision for the outdoor area, and your skills will help make the vision a reality. If your business is in a four-season climate, then your services may include installing electrical heaters or outdoor ceiling fans.

  1. Holiday Features

Electrical needs are often in demand around the holidays. The seasonal job can help you make extra money and supply a lot of holiday cheer. One of the basic holiday services you can offer is holiday light installations. The installations include a lot more than just hanging up lights. You can test outlets and ensure the electrical surge is not too large for big displays.

You may perform circuit breaker upgrades to ensure the power load is sufficient enough for both indoor and outdoor decorations. Some homes may lack enough exterior outlets. You could install extra outlets so homeowners have easy access for future use.

You could also promote services to help during holiday emergencies. For example, if someone runs into electrical issues around Thanksgiving, your company can provide services to ensure appliances and extras all run smoothly without any power surge issues.

Think about all of your options as you go through one of our training programs at the Independent Electrical Contractors of Greater Cincinnati. We will help set you up for a future career in the world of electricians and give you a lot of options to focus on interests you love.