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August 17, 2020

4 Casino-Based Electrician Job Options

Casino-based Electrician Jobs

Casinos all over the country rely on electronics, casino games, and an atmosphere to create a memorable experience for patrons. The casinos and resorts hire electricians for a number of job duties. If you live near a casino or plan to relocate near one, you have the opportunity to train and learn about specific casino jobs.

Once you know the job options available, you can focus on courses catered to the job and can move forward with a potential career in the casino industry.

  1. Casino Games

One of the main operations in any casino is the casino games. Slot machines, digital games, and signage for table games like roulette all require an electrician to install, maintain, and repair them.

Casinos rely on major power surges, so experience in handling power supplies, outlets, and power protection are all important aspects of the job. With slot machines, you will learn about repairs, bulb replacements, and wiring for screens and internal mechanisms.

  1. Casino Lighting

Along with gaming, one of the other big aspects of a casino is the lighting. Casinos are known for having minimal windows, so lighting is essential in a casino’s design. As a casino electrician, you can focus on all kinds of casino lighting jobs.

Through training, you will learn about wattage, light controls, and light wiring. Casino lighting includes both interior and exterior lighting. On the outside of a casino, you can work on signage, parking lot lighting, parking garage lighting, and casino entrance areas.

Through maintenance jobs, you will replace faulty bulbs, inspect wiring, and ensure lighting works correctly. For example, malfunctioning lights may flutter, blink, or turn on and off. Through your training skills, you will diagnose the lighting problems and come up with solutions.

A casino lighting gig may also include specialty lighting for holidays. For example, during the winter months, you may be responsible for the set-up of lighting themes across the casino. Every casino is different, but you will have a wide range of gigs available.

  1. Casino Events and Halls

Some larger casinos have event locations that rely on electrician needs. For example, if a casino has a concert venue or arena, workers are needed to help lay wire, run lights, and test the electronics for visiting acts and guests.

Events are constantly rotating in and out of casino performance venues, giving electricians plenty of opportunity for work. Along with performance areas, some casinos may have convention halls where electricians are needed for lighting and power supplies.

A casino could also have a bingo hall where regular electrician maintenance is needed for bingo monitors, ball screens, and audio connections like speakers and microphones. As you expand your electrician skills through courses, you will have the chance to explore these job opportunities.

  1. Hotel Electrician

Some casinos are a part of a resort with hotel rooms. A hotel electrician will provide repair and maintenance services to the whole hotel area. General services include power inspections and replacements of sockets or outlets.

You will also perform repairs and maintenance as needed for individual rooms. For example, cooling is a huge part of hotel rooms, and you will want to perform maintenance on broken or malfunctioning air conditioners.

Outside of the rooms, you may perform electrical jobs on hallway lighting, public areas, and other locations like a hotel gym or pool. As a dedicated hotel electrician, you will learn the hotel as a whole. If the hotel has a restaurant, then you may use refrigeration training to provide services for appliances like walk-in freezers.

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