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August 17, 2021

4 Benefits of a Drug-Free Training Class for Electrician Students

Drug Free Electrician Training

An electrician school and apprentice program will typically include a schedule where a majority of the classes focus on class skills and hands-on training. One class that stands out among others is a drug-free safety program. Proper drug education serves many purposes in the world of electricians, with prevention being one of the key goals.

Learn about the benefits found within the course and how the education will help you for years into your career as an electrician.

  1. Drug Use Liability Education

One of the main safety concerns of the classes is proper health and care for electrical employees. Often, impaired judgment could lead to liability for the individual and the company the person represents. Many electrician companies rely on company vehicles to operate at work sites.

If a person is impaired and crashes a work vehicle, then multiple liabilities are at stake. The influence of drugs could also impact workmanship. A poor job could lead to electrical issues, damaged equipment, and potential fire hazards. Through the class, you will learn why drug use is not an option in the field and how quickly dangers could arise.

  1. Drug Use Recognition

Drug safety doesn’t just apply to your own safety but the safety of other employees as well. This is why the classes will typically complete an overview of signs and symptoms of drug use. With the knowledge, you will recognize when others are impaired and what drugs the signs and actions could represent.

Learning the signs is important so you know what you are dealing with and the next steps to take. You will start to notice patterns in workers, and your ultimate goal is to recognize signs early enough before the situation gets worse. Intervention and help will ensure nothing bad happens for you or the company.

  1. Addiction Support Options

If you do recognize drug use in another employee, then your goal should be focused on the support of the person. Drug-free courses remove the shame and judgment. While protecting the company’s liability is important, so is the support and healing of other human beings.

Through training, you will learn the best approach to drug issues, including rehabilitation options. With a foundation of knowledge, you can react with empathy and answers rather than anger and hostility. The support area of learning allows you to ask questions and prepare for some tough situations if you ever find yourself in the same situation.

  1. Supervisor Training

If you plan to run your own electrician business, then you may take an additional drug-free safety course that focuses exclusively on supervisor training. The training will touch upon all the other elements mentioned and also features additional ways to expand your knowledge.

One of the biggest elements in the course is drug policy development. As you build your company, you will need to establish a drug policy for your employees. When you hire an employee for a job, the drug policy is typically one of the contracts a new worker will sign.

Along with the policy, you will decide what type of drug testing your business can implement. Learn the various types of drug testing and what intervals you will test employees. You could test employees before they are fully hired or choose a periodical hiring process, like every six months or so. Randomized drug tests are another option and will help keep employees honest.

The testing procedures could also change over time, and a drug-free safety class will go over the process to change testing procedures and ensure employees are properly informed.

The drug-free safety course is just one of many class options found at Independent Electrical Contractors of Greater Cincinnati. Our comprehensive program covers the whole field of electrical work and will prepare you for a rewarding and important career within the field. Please contact us today to learn more.