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July 22, 2019

3 Flourishing Markets That Demand More Electricians


If you’ve thought about becoming an electrician, now is an opportune time to begin training as an apprentice. With more electricians set to retire and the appeal of trade school training over a college degree, turning to a field in electricity makes sense. Experts predict a 9 percent rise in a need for trained electricians thru 2026 due in part to growing markets.

If you want to become an electrician, learn about three flourishing markets that demand more trained electricians.

  1. Construction

The construction market needs more electricians that can help with new builds in a variety of settings. New homes, apartments, and offices all need electrical wiring, HVAC systems, and other systems that rely on electricity to operate.

Nationwide, multi-family housing construction jumped 7%, and commercial construction rose 11 percent in 2017. Columbus in particular has seen a boom in new urban multi-family housing and commercial space like Millennial Tower, Arena District, 250 High building, Grandview Yard, and Columbus Commons.

Construction at these levels always need qualified electricians to help keep up with increased commercial and residential demands.

Additionally, natural disasters like tornadoes and floods call for immediate rebuild after recovery. High winds snarl power lines, topple electric and traffic signals, and damage buildings and homes. Electricians must be on hand to establish electricity, rewire structures, and participate in other electrical jobs associated with repair and reconstruction.

  1. Alternative Power

Global warming and high utility costs from traditional fossil fuels highlight the need for alternative sources of power. Technological advances have made alternative power even more efficient, and incentives have prompted consumers to make the switch to more renewable energy from wind and solar.

Now more than ever, people want their electricity to come from wind and solar sources. More and more businesses and homes have some sort of alternative power source. According for the Center for Sustainable Systems at the University of Michigan, solar installation in the U.S. increased 97% from 2015 to 2016.

The skill required to design, install, and service alternative power source systems comes from companies that need trained electricians. Additionally, advances in power efficiency means electricians must stay educated to keep abreast, further increasing the demand for highly trained electricians. The creation of highly technical jobs in alternative power means continual job security for your electrical skills.

  1. New Technology

Alternative power may seem like new technology, but continual advances in other areas of technology make solar seem almost like old news. Following the wave of the solar power phenomenon are other advances in electricity and technology that consumers look for in homes and businesses.

All-electric or hybrid power electric cars need technicians that understand the electrical system and battery. This knowledge helps you service and repair electric cars that are so different from traditional combustion engine vehicles. Electricians can fulfill this role as well as secure employment with companies like Tesla and other car manufacturers that design and build electric cars.

Smart homes are gaining traction as the new norm in living as homeowners want better ways to operate various home functions. Lighting, heating, cooling, and even entertainment system controls are at the touch of a button. Electricians are necessary to wire homes and help homeowners troubleshoot issues with smart home controls.

With such a growing demand for electricians in different industries and fields, you can see why an electrical career has a bright future. To begin your apprenticeship with a reputable electrical contractor, contact Independent Electrical Contractors of Greater Cincinnati. We provide the necessary training for a life of electrical work as well as the right continuing education to keep you informed.