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June 14, 2018

Social Media Rules To Help Grow Your Electrical Business

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About 81 percent of Americans use social media. Do you plan to use social media to attract customers to your new business?

Finding an electrician isn’t an impossible task for the average person, so do your part to make your business stand out from the masses. Learn some of the social media rules you want to follow.

Focus on Your Target

To be effective in your social media efforts, you need to have a general idea of the types of clients you are looking to attract. Establishing a target demographic will help you determine what media platforms you should rely on and how you should tailor your content.

Consider a new company that is looking to establish business-to-business relationships, for example. Accounts on Instagram or Twitter would likely not be as effective as engagement on LinkedIn, given its connection to the professional world.

For posts, this company would do best catering their content to highlight how their electrical services would benefit the businesses they serve, such as electrical updates that lower usage cost.

Respond to Reviews

If there is a drawback to activity online, it is the fact that you can’t control everything. Even when you put your best foot forward, not every client will be satisfied with your work. Some of these people will discuss their grievances with you at the time of service, and some will hold onto their frustration and post a negative comment about your business.

A better approach for the latter scenario is not to delete the comment, but to instead reply. In your comment, express your regret for the customer’s experience and offer an outlet for the problem to be resolved.

A customer who is on the fence about doing business with your company will get to see firsthand that you do care about customer satisfaction and that when you make a mistake, you take immediate steps to resolve the problem. In this way, even a negative review can become a positive thing for your business.

Stay Active

When you decide to open social media accounts for your business, commit to being active on these accounts. The social media realm is much like normal human contact, in that information is spread from person to person, over time. You cannot expect to start an account today and have troves of followers by the afternoon.

Some platforms use algorithms that take into consideration the activity of an account when determining where to place its posts. The more active you are, the better you will rank in these algorithms. For LinkedIn or Facebook, a few posts a week is sufficient. On Twitter or Instagram, make a post each day. When you post consistently, you will build up your audience over time.

Blend Current Events

You can better connect with your audience by blending current events and hot topics with industry-related information. For example, say it’s been all over the news that a major celebrity just built a state-of-theart home. When looking at the specs of the house, you see that the property is wired for home automation technology.

A post telling customers how they can have the same technology installed in their home grabs a customer’s attention, keeps your company current, and offers you an opportunity to advertise your services.

Social media is an excellent tool for attracting new clients, but it will be your skill and professionalism that keeps these clients coming back. At Independent Electrical Contractors of Greater Cincinnati, we can help you improve your skills. We will work with you to help you develop your skills and, ultimately, your business. Contact us today to get membership and continued training opportunities.