{“FormID”:”2521990″,”UniqueID”:”878889917″,”Acknowledgements”:{“value”:””,”type”:”section”},”Job Description Acknowledgement”:{“value”:[“I have read and agree to the above job description”],”type”:”checkbox”},”Physical and Drug Screen Acknowledgement”:{“value”:[“I have read and agree to the above policy”],”type”:”checkbox”},”Application Type”:{“value”:”Entry Level Applicant”,”type”:”select”},”Experience Level”:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”Under Consideration”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”Notes”:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”Notes2″:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”Personal Information”:{“value”:””,”type”:”section”},”Name”:{“value”:{“first”:”Samuel”,”last”:”Roth”},”type”:”name”},”Address line 1″:{“value”:”1675 Hickory Thicket Drive”,”type”:”text”},”Address line 2″:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”City”:{“value”:”Milford”,”type”:”text”},”State”:{“value”:”Ohio”,”type”:”select”},”Zip Code”:{“value”:”45150″,”type”:”number”},”Email”:{“value”:”sjr1723@gmail.com”,”type”:”email”},”Primary Phone”:{“value”:”(513) 801-8605″,”type”:”phone”},”Secondary Phone”:{“value”:””,”type”:”phone”},”Do you have a valid driver\u2019s license?”:{“value”:”Yes”,”type”:”select”},”If special circumstance, please explain”:{“value”:””,”type”:”textarea”},”Valid Driver’s License #”:{“value”:”UU591478″,”type”:”text”},”Referral Type”:{“value”:”Friend\/Relative”,”type”:”select”},”Referral Source”:{“value”:”My Uncle who is an electrician (not with IEC)”,”type”:”text”},”Work Eligibility”:{“value”:””,”type”:”section”},”Are you 18 years or older?”:{“value”:”Yes”,”type”:”select”},”Are you legally eligible for employment in the United States?”:{“value”:”Yes”,”type”:”select”},”Have you had safety training for electrical work?”:{“value”:”No”,”type”:”select”},”If yes, describe:”:{“value”:””,”type”:”textarea”},”Have you ever been convicted of a crime other than a minor traffic violation?”:{“value”:”No”,”type”:”select”},”If yes, explain”:{“value”:””,”type”:”textarea”},”Will you work overtime?”:{“value”:”Yes”,”type”:”radio”},”Will you work shift work?”:{“value”:”Yes”,”type”:”radio”},”Are you currently employed?”:{“value”:”No”,”type”:”radio”},”Will you travel?”:{“value”:”Yes”,”type”:”radio”},”Education”:{“value”:””,”type”:”section”},”High School Transcript\/GED Certification”:{“value”:”Enter link to transcript\/GED cert here”,”type”:”text”},”High school name and location”:{“value”:”Milford High School”,”type”:”text”},”High School-Course of Study”:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”High School-Years Completed”:{“value”:”4″,”type”:”select”},”High School-Did you graduate?”:{“value”:”Yes”,”type”:”select”},”High School-List diploma or degree”:{“value”:”Yes”,”type”:”text”},”Year graduated from high school?”:{“value”:”2020″,”type”:”text”},”Vocational school name and location”:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”Vocational School-Course of Study”:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”Vocational School-Years Completed”:{“value”:””,”type”:”select”},”Vocational School-Did you graduate?”:{“value”:””,”type”:”select”},”Vocational School-List diploma or degree”:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”Trade or apprentice name and location”:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”Trade-Course of Study”:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”Trade-Years Completed”:{“value”:””,”type”:”select”},”Trade-Did you graduate?”:{“value”:””,”type”:”select”},”Trade-List diploma or degree”:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”College name and location”:{“value”:”University Of Cincinnati”,”type”:”text”},”College-Course of Study”:{“value”:”Mechanical Engineering “,”type”:”text”},”College-Years Completed”:{“value”:”1″,”type”:”select”},”College-Did you graduate?”:{“value”:”No”,”type”:”select”},”College-List diploma or degree”:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”Total years of experience in the construction electrical trade”:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”Do you have a valid Journeyman Electrician’s License?”:{“value”:””,”type”:”select”},”License Number & Jurisdiction”:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”Electrical Experience”:{“value”:””,”type”:”section”},”Years of Electrical Code Experience”:{“value”:null,”type”:”number”},”Self Rating of Electrical Code”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”Years of Residential Experience”:{“value”:null,”type”:”number”},”Self Rating of Residential Experience”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”Years of Commercial Experience”:{“value”:null,”type”:”number”},”Self Rating of Commercial Experience”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”Years of Industrial Experience”:{“value”:null,”type”:”number”},”Self Rating of Industrial Experience”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”Years of Troubleshooting Experience”:{“value”:null,”type”:”number”},”Self Rating of Troubleshooting Experience”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”Years of Experience Interpreting Blue Prints”:{“value”:null,”type”:”number”},”Self Rating of Interpreting Blueprints”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”Years of Conduit Bending”:{“value”:null,”type”:”number”},”Self Rating of Conduit Bending”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”Years of Fixture Installation”:{“value”:null,”type”:”number”},”Self Rating of Fixture Installation”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”Years of Transformer experience”:{“value”:null,”type”:”number”},”Self Rating of Transformer experience”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”Years of Controls and Motors experience”:{“value”:null,”type”:”number”},”Self Rating of Controls and Motors”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”Years of Terminations Above 600v”:{“value”:null,”type”:”number”},”Self Rating of Terminations Above 600v”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”Years of Renewable Energy experience”:{“value”:null,”type”:”number”},”Self Rating of Renewable Energy”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”Years of Fire Alarm experience”:{“value”:null,”type”:”number”},”Self Rating of Fire Alarm experience”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”Years of Communication Wiring Experience”:{“value”:null,”type”:”number”},”Self Rating of Communication Wiring”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”Years of Welding Experience”:{“value”:null,”type”:”number”},”Self Rating of Welding”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”Are you taking the Experience Questionnaire?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”Experience Questionnaire”:{“value”:””,”type”:”section”},”1. Put the following wire sizes in order from largest to smallest: 350 kcmil, 4\/0, #1 AWG”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”2. In general, what is the maximum allowable degree of bend between junction boxes in a raceway?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”3. In a typical 480\/277 volt wye system, what phase is circuit 33?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”4. An electric room has two electric panels facing each other on opposite walls. The voltage for each panel is 480\/277. What is the minimum clearance you must maintain between panels?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”5. In a box fill calculation, a #8 conductor would have an allowance of how many cubic inches?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”6. What is the easiest way to reverse the direction of a 3 phase motor?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”7. After the initial support next to a box, NM cable needs to be supported how often?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”8. In general, how many amps is a #4 THWN copper conductor good for?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”9. A 208\/120 volt 800 amp service enters a distribution panel with a main breaker. The distribution panel contains 6-200 amp breakers, each 200 amp breaker is feeding a 200 amp panel. Each of the 6-200 amp panels contains 30-20 amp breakers. In this scenario, how many times will the grounded conductor be bonded to the grounding electrode system?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”10. If you are making a 6\” offset with 1\” EMT using 30 degree bends, what is the distance between the two marks on the 1\” EMT?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”11. Disregarding exceptions; aluminum, copper-clad aluminum, or copper conductors shall be permitted to be connected in parallel only sizes __________ and larger.”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”12. How many amps will a 120 volt, 3,000 watt load draw?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”13. Overhead conductors feeding a 120\/240 volt panel in a detached garage at a dwelling must have a minimum clearance of how many feet above the driveway?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”14. In general, a PCV conduit contains one 70 amp circuit and three 30 amp circuits. What is the minimum size copper equipment grounding conductor that is required?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”15. Two parallel sets of 350 kcmil copper feed a 600 amp 480\/277 volt service. What is the minimum size copper grounding electrode conductor connected to building steel?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”16. Receptacles shall be installed in a dwelling such that no point measured horizontally along the floor line of any wall space is more than how many feet from a receptacle outlet?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”17. What is the full load amperage (FLA) of a 20 hp three phase squirrel cage 480 volt motor?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”18. How deep is a rigid metallic conduit required to be buried if it contains a 480 volt circuit and is in a trench below 2\” of concrete?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”19. What is the maximum number of #1 THHN conductors that can be installed in a 3 inch RMC?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”20. How many four way switches are required to control a light from four different locations?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”21. A duplex receptacle is not working. You test the terminals while it is energized and get the following readings: Ungrounded conductor to grounded conductor – 8 volts, Ungrounded conductor to grounding conductor – 120 volts, Grounded conductor to grounding conductor – no continuity. What is the most likely reason for the problem?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”22. When more than one stop station is used, the stop buttons should be connected:”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”23. When a cable is marked 10\/3, what does the number three represent?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”24. The lower voltage winding of a transformer can be identified by the symbols:”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”25. Which is not a common voltage?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”Score”:{“value”:”0″,”type”:”number”},”Miscellaneous Data”:{“value”:””,”type”:”section”},”What is the minimum base wage rate you would accept for immediate employment?”:{“value”:”$16″,”type”:”text”},”Can you read, understand and install in accordance with schematics or blue prints?”:{“value”:”No”,”type”:”select”},”Do you now have the necessary hand tools required of the trade?”:{“value”:”No”,”type”:”select”},”Are you willing to be interviewed for prospective employment?”:{“value”:”Yes”,”type”:”select”},”Work History”:{“value”:””,”type”:”section”},”Company 1″:{“value”:”Bite Restaurant “,”type”:”text”},”Company 1 Address”:{“value”:{“address”:”1279 OH-131″,”city”:”Milford”,”state”:”OH”,”zip”:”45150″},”type”:”address”},”Company 1 Supervisor”:{“value”:”Rachel Seeberger “,”type”:”text”},”Company 1 Phone”:{“value”:”(513) 447-3643″,”type”:”phone”},”Company 1 Job Title”:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”Company 1 Start Date”:{“value”:”Aug 02, 2016″,”type”:”datetime”},”Company 1 End Date”:{“value”:”May 15, 2020″,”type”:”datetime”},”Company 1 Start Wage”:{“value”:”8.05″,”type”:”text”},”Company 1 Final Wage”:{“value”:”9.55″,”type”:”text”},”Company 1 Hours per week”:{“value”:”25″,”type”:”number”},”Company 1 Duties”:{“value”:”Was a dishwasher for first year, trained people on dishes and eventually moved up to fry cook. I was the person in the kitchen that could stop what they were doing, go and help someone who was busy and be able to come back and finish what I was originally working on.”,”type”:”textarea”},”Company 1 Reason for Leaving”:{“value”:”Had a nice summer job lined up. I was under payed and under appreciated. “,”type”:”text”},”Company 1 – Can this employer be contacted?”:{“value”:”Yes”,”type”:”select”},”Company 2″:{“value”:”Mane Inc.”,”type”:”text”},”Company 2 Address”:{“value”:{“address”:”1093 Mane Way”,”city”:”Lebanon”,”state”:”OH”,”zip”:”45036″},”type”:”address”},”Company 2 Supervisor”:{“value”:”Seth Runyon”,”type”:”text”},”Company 2 Phone”:{“value”:”(513) 835-5022″,”type”:”phone”},”Company 2 Job Title”:{“value”:”Dry Blends Operator”,”type”:”text”},”Company 2 Start Date”:{“value”:”Jul 12, 2021″,”type”:”datetime”},”Company 2 End Date”:{“value”:”Oct 27, 2021″,”type”:”datetime”},”Company 2 Start Wage”:{“value”:”17.75″,”type”:”text”},”Company 2 Final Wage”:{“value”:”17.75″,”type”:”text”},”Company 2 Hours per week”:{“value”:”40″,”type”:”number”},”Company 2 Duties”:{“value”:”Making seasonings and spices at an industrial level. This company made the Honey Mustard and Onion seasonings for Snyder’s pretzels and Grippos seasoning as well. Basically dumping 50 pound bags through a sifter, following a recipe and packing it out in either bags or boxes for the customers.\r\n\r\nNOTE: there is about a year and 3 month gap between my jobs listed. The summer job I had talked about previously was under the table therefore cannot be legally accounted for. I worked at a company called Basement Armor. My mane job there was waterproofing basements. I worked there for about a year and 5 months as well as throughout my only year of college. Lots of hard work didn’t mind the work whatsoever, I just needed a job that payed taxes.”,”type”:”textarea”},”Company 2 Reason for Leaving”:{“value”:”Having to get up at 4 in the morning all week takes its toll. In reality I am ready to start my electrician journey.”,”type”:”text”},”Company 2 – Can this employer be contacted?”:{“value”:”Yes”,”type”:”select”},”Company 3″:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”Company 3 Address”:{“value”:””,”type”:”address”},”Company 3 Supervisor”:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”Company 3 Phone”:{“value”:””,”type”:”phone”},”Company 3 Job Title”:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”Company 3 Start Date”:{“value”:””,”type”:”datetime”},”Company 3 End Date”:{“value”:””,”type”:”datetime”},”Company 3 Start Wage”:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”Company 3 Final Wage”:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”Company 3 Hours per week”:{“value”:””,”type”:”number”},”Company 3 Duties”:{“value”:””,”type”:”textarea”},”Company 3 Reason for Leaving”:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”Company 3 – Can this employer be contacted?”:{“value”:”Yes”,”type”:”select”},”Company 4″:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”Company 4 Address”:{“value”:””,”type”:”address”},”Company 4 Supervisor”:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”Company 4 Phone”:{“value”:””,”type”:”phone”},”Company 4 Job Title”:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”Company 4 Start Date”:{“value”:””,”type”:”datetime”},”Company 4 End Date”:{“value”:””,”type”:”datetime”},”Company 4 Start Wage”:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”Company 4 Final Wage”:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”Company 4 Hours per week”:{“value”:””,”type”:”number”},”Company 4 Duties”:{“value”:””,”type”:”textarea”},”Company 4 Reason for Leaving”:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”Company 4 – Can this employer be contacted?”:{“value”:”Yes”,”type”:”select”},”Why IEC?”:{“value”:””,”type”:”section”},”Please explain why you would like to have a job with an IEC Member Contractor”:{“value”:”I first heard about the IEC through my uncle Rick who is an electrician. He talked about how it is a great opportunity for electricians everywhere but more importantly starting out. It peaked my interest while working in construction. Being an electrician creates a lot of open doors, especially through the IEC . The IEC sounded like the best company around, I also really liked the idea of coming out of an apprenticeship with a job and as well as college credits towards Technical Studies. For me being someone who wants to eventually go back to school that is very appealing. I’ve heard great things and would love to start my electrician journey here.”,”type”:”textarea”},”Additional Comments”:{“value”:”NOTE: there is about a year and 3 month gap between my jobs listed. The summer job I had talked about previously was under the table therefore cannot be legally accounted for. I worked at a company called Basement Armor. My mane job there was waterproofing basements. I worked there for about a year and 5 months as well as throughout my only year of college. Lots of hard work didn’t mind the work whatsoever, I just needed a job that payed taxes.”,”type”:”textarea”},”Signature”:{“value”:”Samuel J Roth”,”type”:”text”},”Confirm”:{“value”:[“I have read and understand all the information above.”],”type”:”checkbox”},”Date”:{“value”:”Oct 27, 2021″,”type”:”datetime”},”Upload resume (optional)”:{“value”:”https:\/\/s1mformstackfiles.s3.amazonaws.com\/IECapplicationLIVE_%7B%2487643030%7D_878889917_Oct%2027%2C%202021%2012%3A12%20PM\/878889917__63519346_resume2.docx”,”type”:”file”}}

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