{“FormID”:”2521990″,”UniqueID”:”642933318″,”Acknowledgements”:{“value”:””,”type”:”section”},”Job Description Acknowledgement”:{“value”:[“I have read and agree to the above job description”],”type”:”checkbox”},”Physical and Drug Screen Acknowledgement”:{“value”:[“I have read and agree to the above policy”],”type”:”checkbox”},”Application Type”:{“value”:”Entry Level Applicant”,”type”:”select”},”Experience Level”:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”Under Consideration”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”Notes”:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”Notes2″:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”Personal Information”:{“value”:””,”type”:”section”},”Name”:{“value”:{“first”:”Avery”,”last”:”Duncan”},”type”:”name”},”Address line 1″:{“value”:”7 Moline Ct.”,”type”:”text”},”Address line 2″:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”City”:{“value”:”Cincinnati”,”type”:”text”},”State”:{“value”:”Ohio”,”type”:”select”},”Zip Code”:{“value”:”45223″,”type”:”number”},”Email”:{“value”:”averyshaw33@gmail.com”,”type”:”email”},”Primary Phone”:{“value”:”(828) 808-2564″,”type”:”phone”},”Secondary Phone”:{“value”:””,”type”:”phone”},”Do you have a valid driver\u2019s license?”:{“value”:”Yes”,”type”:”select”},”If special circumstance, please explain”:{“value”:””,”type”:”textarea”},”Valid Driver’s License #”:{“value”:”UR352364″,”type”:”text”},”Referral Type”:{“value”:”Other”,”type”:”select”},”Referral Source”:{“value”:”self inquiry”,”type”:”text”},”Work Eligibility”:{“value”:””,”type”:”section”},”Are you 18 years or older?”:{“value”:”Yes”,”type”:”select”},”Are you legally eligible for employment in the United States?”:{“value”:”Yes”,”type”:”select”},”Have you had safety training for electrical work?”:{“value”:”No”,”type”:”select”},”If yes, describe:”:{“value”:””,”type”:”textarea”},”Have you ever been convicted of a crime other than a minor traffic violation?”:{“value”:”No”,”type”:”select”},”If yes, explain”:{“value”:””,”type”:”textarea”},”Will you work overtime?”:{“value”:”Yes”,”type”:”radio”},”Will you work shift work?”:{“value”:”Yes”,”type”:”radio”},”Are you currently employed?”:{“value”:”No”,”type”:”radio”},”Will you travel?”:{“value”:”No”,”type”:”radio”},”Education”:{“value”:””,”type”:”section”},”High School Transcript\/GED Certification”:{“value”:”Enter link to transcript\/GED cert here”,”type”:”text”},”High school name and location”:{“value”:”Brookline High School”,”type”:”text”},”High School-Course of Study”:{“value”:”All”,”type”:”text”},”High School-Years Completed”:{“value”:”4″,”type”:”select”},”High School-Did you graduate?”:{“value”:”Yes”,”type”:”select”},”High School-List diploma or degree”:{“value”:”General”,”type”:”text”},”Year graduated from high school?”:{“value”:”2002″,”type”:”text”},”Vocational school name and location”:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”Vocational School-Course of Study”:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”Vocational School-Years Completed”:{“value”:””,”type”:”select”},”Vocational School-Did you graduate?”:{“value”:””,”type”:”select”},”Vocational School-List diploma or degree”:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”Trade or apprentice name and location”:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”Trade-Course of Study”:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”Trade-Years Completed”:{“value”:””,”type”:”select”},”Trade-Did you graduate?”:{“value”:””,”type”:”select”},”Trade-List diploma or degree”:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”College name and location”:{“value”:”University of North Carolina, Asheville”,”type”:”text”},”College-Course of Study”:{“value”:”Multimedia Arts & Sciences”,”type”:”text”},”College-Years Completed”:{“value”:”2″,”type”:”select”},”College-Did you graduate?”:{“value”:”No”,”type”:”select”},”College-List diploma or degree”:{“value”:”none”,”type”:”text”},”Total years of experience in the construction electrical trade”:{“value”:”0″,”type”:”text”},”Do you have a valid Journeyman Electrician’s License?”:{“value”:”No”,”type”:”select”},”License Number & Jurisdiction”:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”Electrical Experience”:{“value”:””,”type”:”section”},”Years of Electrical Code Experience”:{“value”:null,”type”:”number”},”Self Rating of Electrical Code”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”Years of Residential Experience”:{“value”:null,”type”:”number”},”Self Rating of Residential Experience”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”Years of Commercial Experience”:{“value”:null,”type”:”number”},”Self Rating of Commercial Experience”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”Years of Industrial Experience”:{“value”:null,”type”:”number”},”Self Rating of Industrial Experience”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”Years of Troubleshooting Experience”:{“value”:null,”type”:”number”},”Self Rating of Troubleshooting Experience”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”Years of Experience Interpreting Blue Prints”:{“value”:null,”type”:”number”},”Self Rating of Interpreting Blueprints”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”Years of Conduit Bending”:{“value”:null,”type”:”number”},”Self Rating of Conduit Bending”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”Years of Fixture Installation”:{“value”:null,”type”:”number”},”Self Rating of Fixture Installation”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”Years of Transformer experience”:{“value”:null,”type”:”number”},”Self Rating of Transformer experience”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”Years of Controls and Motors experience”:{“value”:null,”type”:”number”},”Self Rating of Controls and Motors”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”Years of Terminations Above 600v”:{“value”:null,”type”:”number”},”Self Rating of Terminations Above 600v”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”Years of Renewable Energy experience”:{“value”:null,”type”:”number”},”Self Rating of Renewable Energy”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”Years of Fire Alarm experience”:{“value”:null,”type”:”number”},”Self Rating of Fire Alarm experience”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”Years of Communication Wiring Experience”:{“value”:null,”type”:”number”},”Self Rating of Communication Wiring”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”Years of Welding Experience”:{“value”:null,”type”:”number”},”Self Rating of Welding”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”Are you taking the Experience Questionnaire?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”Experience Questionnaire”:{“value”:””,”type”:”section”},”1. Put the following wire sizes in order from largest to smallest: 350 kcmil, 4\/0, #1 AWG”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”2. In general, what is the maximum allowable degree of bend between junction boxes in a raceway?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”3. In a typical 480\/277 volt wye system, what phase is circuit 33?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”4. An electric room has two electric panels facing each other on opposite walls. The voltage for each panel is 480\/277. What is the minimum clearance you must maintain between panels?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”5. In a box fill calculation, a #8 conductor would have an allowance of how many cubic inches?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”6. What is the easiest way to reverse the direction of a 3 phase motor?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”7. After the initial support next to a box, NM cable needs to be supported how often?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”8. In general, how many amps is a #4 THWN copper conductor good for?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”9. A 208\/120 volt 800 amp service enters a distribution panel with a main breaker. The distribution panel contains 6-200 amp breakers, each 200 amp breaker is feeding a 200 amp panel. Each of the 6-200 amp panels contains 30-20 amp breakers. In this scenario, how many times will the grounded conductor be bonded to the grounding electrode system?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”10. If you are making a 6\” offset with 1\” EMT using 30 degree bends, what is the distance between the two marks on the 1\” EMT?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”11. Disregarding exceptions; aluminum, copper-clad aluminum, or copper conductors shall be permitted to be connected in parallel only sizes __________ and larger.”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”12. How many amps will a 120 volt, 3,000 watt load draw?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”13. Overhead conductors feeding a 120\/240 volt panel in a detached garage at a dwelling must have a minimum clearance of how many feet above the driveway?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”14. In general, a PCV conduit contains one 70 amp circuit and three 30 amp circuits. What is the minimum size copper equipment grounding conductor that is required?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”15. Two parallel sets of 350 kcmil copper feed a 600 amp 480\/277 volt service. What is the minimum size copper grounding electrode conductor connected to building steel?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”16. Receptacles shall be installed in a dwelling such that no point measured horizontally along the floor line of any wall space is more than how many feet from a receptacle outlet?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”17. What is the full load amperage (FLA) of a 20 hp three phase squirrel cage 480 volt motor?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”18. How deep is a rigid metallic conduit required to be buried if it contains a 480 volt circuit and is in a trench below 2\” of concrete?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”19. What is the maximum number of #1 THHN conductors that can be installed in a 3 inch RMC?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”20. How many four way switches are required to control a light from four different locations?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”21. A duplex receptacle is not working. You test the terminals while it is energized and get the following readings: Ungrounded conductor to grounded conductor – 8 volts, Ungrounded conductor to grounding conductor – 120 volts, Grounded conductor to grounding conductor – no continuity. What is the most likely reason for the problem?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”22. When more than one stop station is used, the stop buttons should be connected:”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”23. When a cable is marked 10\/3, what does the number three represent?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”24. The lower voltage winding of a transformer can be identified by the symbols:”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”25. Which is not a common voltage?”:{“value”:null,”type”:”radio”},”Score”:{“value”:”0″,”type”:”number”},”Miscellaneous Data”:{“value”:””,”type”:”section”},”What is the minimum base wage rate you would accept for immediate employment?”:{“value”:”13″,”type”:”text”},”Can you read, understand and install in accordance with schematics or blue prints?”:{“value”:”Yes”,”type”:”select”},”Do you now have the necessary hand tools required of the trade?”:{“value”:”Yes”,”type”:”select”},”Are you willing to be interviewed for prospective employment?”:{“value”:”Yes”,”type”:”select”},”Work History”:{“value”:””,”type”:”section”},”Company 1″:{“value”:”ETC Produce and Provisions”,”type”:”text”},”Company 1 Address”:{“value”:{“address”:”477 Bear Creek Rd”,”city”:”Felicity”,”state”:”OH”,”zip”:”45120″},”type”:”address”},”Company 1 Supervisor”:{“value”:”Toncia Chavez”,”type”:”text”},”Company 1 Phone”:{“value”:”(502) 386-1279″,”type”:”phone”},”Company 1 Job Title”:{“value”:”Delivery Specialist (Training)”,”type”:”text”},”Company 1 Start Date”:{“value”:”Apr 18, 2020″,”type”:”datetime”},”Company 1 End Date”:{“value”:”Jun 22, 2020″,”type”:”datetime”},”Company 1 Start Wage”:{“value”:”$10\/hr”,”type”:”text”},”Company 1 Final Wage”:{“value”:”$11\/hr”,”type”:”text”},”Company 1 Hours per week”:{“value”:”25″,”type”:”number”},”Company 1 Duties”:{“value”:”I briefly trained to be in a managerial role running the delivery operations for a local food purveyor offering local\/organic items. Duties included receiving\/inspecting product and assisting in packing and organizing customer delivery orders with a small team, as well as completing delivery routes on designated days and assisting in reconciling order errors and customer refunds. “,”type”:”textarea”},”Company 1 Reason for Leaving”:{“value”:”Personal disagreement\/descrimination with one of the owners (not the one whose contact is listed above). I was with the company under an agreed 3 month preliminary stage, I learned 2 months into that period that the company and I were not a good fit.”,”type”:”text”},”Company 1 – Can this employer be contacted?”:{“value”:”Yes”,”type”:”select”},”Company 2″:{“value”:”Second Place, LADS “,”type”:”text”},”Company 2 Address”:{“value”:{“address”:”3936 Spring Grove Ave”,”city”:”Cincinnati”,”state”:”OH”,”zip”:”45223″},”type”:”address”},”Company 2 Supervisor”:{“value”:”John Ford”,”type”:”text”},”Company 2 Phone”:{“value”:”(513) 560-5646″,”type”:”phone”},”Company 2 Job Title”:{“value”:”Assistant General Manager\/ GM”,”type”:”text”},”Company 2 Start Date”:{“value”:”Jun 01, 2017″,”type”:”datetime”},”Company 2 End Date”:{“value”:”Feb 01, 2019″,”type”:”datetime”},”Company 2 Start Wage”:{“value”:”$2.50\/hr + tips (Bartender)”,”type”:”text”},”Company 2 Final Wage”:{“value”:”$15\/hr + tips (GM)”,”type”:”text”},”Company 2 Hours per week”:{“value”:”40″,”type”:”number”},”Company 2 Duties”:{“value”:”Second Place is a neighborhood sports bar in Northside that is one of three establishments under one owner group. I spent 2 years with the company, starting out as a Bartender and eventually moving into a managerial role that ended with being the GM. I worked as a bartender with all the expected duties of food\/beverage service during shift, as well as maintaining a managerial\/supervisory role of the bar and staff. Managerial roles included daily sales sheets and accounting, weekly inventory and sales report analysis, bi-weekly payroll, and regular staff meetings as well as disciplinary\/supervisory actions, and oversight of general maintenance and cleaning schedules. \r\n”,”type”:”textarea”},”Company 2 Reason for Leaving”:{“value”:”I grew very close to the team and clientele at Second Place, but had to make huge changes in my life and decided to leave in support of my sobriety. I am now sober and in recovery which prevented me from returning to a similar Food\/Bev position in the year after leaving Second Place.”,”type”:”text”},”Company 2 – Can this employer be contacted?”:{“value”:”Yes”,”type”:”select”},”Company 3″:{“value”:”Tupelo Honey Cafe, Asheville NC”,”type”:”text”},”Company 3 Address”:{“value”:{“address”:”12 College St.”,”city”:”Asheville”,”state”:”NC”,”zip”:”28801″},”type”:”address”},”Company 3 Supervisor”:{“value”:”Lori Hilyer”,”type”:”text”},”Company 3 Phone”:{“value”:”(828) 255-4863″,”type”:”phone”},”Company 3 Job Title”:{“value”:”Server”,”type”:”text”},”Company 3 Start Date”:{“value”:”Sep 01, 2006″,”type”:”datetime”},”Company 3 End Date”:{“value”:”Jun 01, 2016″,”type”:”datetime”},”Company 3 Start Wage”:{“value”:”$9\/hr”,”type”:”text”},”Company 3 Final Wage”:{“value”:”$4.50\/hr +tips”,”type”:”text”},”Company 3 Hours per week”:{“value”:”35″,”type”:”number”},”Company 3 Duties”:{“value”:”My time at Tupelo honey Cafe (THC) was very formative for me professionally, and I was with the company for almost 10 years amongst different locations and across different positions. I began bussing tables at the original THC location and as a server over the years, became a dedicated employee and well known face of the company. I stepped into leadership roles, including management at the second location, eventually stepping down from the role of Assistant General Manager to return to the flagship location as a server again. I continued with the company until I moved from the area to Cincinnati, where my wife grew up. “,”type”:”textarea”},”Company 3 Reason for Leaving”:{“value”:”Moved from NC to OH”,”type”:”text”},”Company 3 – Can this employer be contacted?”:{“value”:”Yes”,”type”:”select”},”Company 4″:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”Company 4 Address”:{“value”:””,”type”:”address”},”Company 4 Supervisor”:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”Company 4 Phone”:{“value”:””,”type”:”phone”},”Company 4 Job Title”:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”Company 4 Start Date”:{“value”:””,”type”:”datetime”},”Company 4 End Date”:{“value”:””,”type”:”datetime”},”Company 4 Start Wage”:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”Company 4 Final Wage”:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”Company 4 Hours per week”:{“value”:””,”type”:”number”},”Company 4 Duties”:{“value”:””,”type”:”textarea”},”Company 4 Reason for Leaving”:{“value”:””,”type”:”text”},”Company 4 – Can this employer be contacted?”:{“value”:”Yes”,”type”:”select”},”Why IEC?”:{“value”:””,”type”:”section”},”Please explain why you would like to have a job with an IEC Member Contractor”:{“value”:”I am ready for a career where I can apply myself and my skills to help others and grow towards stability and fulfillment. I am eager to work hard to build new knowledge and capabilities in a field that has always interested me, but I am inexperienced in.”,”type”:”textarea”},”Additional Comments”:{“value”:”I have trouble with trying to convey everything through these online forms.. I would appreciate the chance to talk with someone on the phone or zoom to elaborate on my story and experience over the past year(s). I know that it looks shoddy in this form, but I assure you that I am a lot more than my application reveals, Thank you!”,”type”:”textarea”},”Signature”:{“value”:”Avery Shaw Duncan”,”type”:”text”},”Confirm”:{“value”:[“I have read and understand all the information above.”],”type”:”checkbox”},”Date”:{“value”:”Aug 01, 2020″,”type”:”datetime”},”Upload resume (optional)”:{“value”:”https:\/\/s3.amazonaws.com\/files.formstack.com\/uploads\/2521990\/63519346\/642933318\/63519346_iec_avery_duncan__resume.pdf”,”type”:”file”}}

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