Application Submissions

First Name Last Name Application Type Assessed for ApprenticeshipUnder Consideration Zip Code Expiration Date Action
Matthew Lewis Entry Level Applicant 47060 2021-03-13 Login to view
Noah Most Entry Level Applicant 45212 2021-03-12 Login to view
William Damron-Kuhn Entry Level Applicant 45449 2021-03-12 Login to view
Michael Norton Entry Level Applicant 41018 2021-03-12 Login to view
Justin Blackburn Entry Level Applicant 41001 2021-03-12 Login to view
ian goodall Entry Level Applicant 45220 2021-03-12 Login to view
Anthony Small Entry Level Applicant 45005 2021-03-12 Login to view
Terry Schmitz Experienced Electrician Applicant 45502 2021-03-12 Login to view
Rasuli Preston Experienced Electrician Applicant 45214 2021-03-11 Login to view
Thomas Justice Entry Level Applicant 41018 2021-03-11 Login to view
Carl Martini Entry Level Applicant 45238 2021-03-11 Login to view
Tyler Murphy Entry Level Applicant 41014 2021-03-11 Login to view
Jeremy Barrett Entry Level Applicant 45226 2021-03-11 Login to view
John Thompson Entry Level Applicant 45305 2021-03-07 Login to view
Hiawatha Mitchell Entry Level Applicant 45013 2021-03-07 Login to view
Daniel Sparks Entry Level Applicant 45432 2021-03-07 Login to view
Christopher Cook Entry Level Applicant 45103 2021-03-07 Login to view
Hudson Tapplar Entry Level Applicant 45212 2021-03-07 Login to view
Andrew Harmon Entry Level Applicant 45240 2021-03-07 Login to view
Kyle Gibbs Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessmentsYes 45231 2021-03-07 Login to view
Whitney Moore Entry Level Applicant 41004 2021-03-06 Login to view
Kevin Jones Entry Level Applicant 45223 2021-03-05 Login to view
Paolo Reyes Entry Level Applicant 45015 2021-03-05 Login to view
Joseph Ludmann Entry Level Applicant 45227 2021-03-05 Login to view
Jared Duncan Entry Level Applicant 45232 2021-03-04 Login to view
Joshua Asbury Entry Level Applicant Yes 45103 2021-03-04 Login to view
Shane Benson Entry Level Applicant 45122 2021-03-04 Login to view
Jerry Loos Entry Level Applicant 45211 2021-03-04 Login to view
Ronald Hill III Entry Level Applicant 40517 2021-03-04 Login to view
derrick beverly Experienced Electrician Applicant 45177 2021-02-01 Login to view
Joshua Gray Entry Level Applicant 45015 2021-02-01 Login to view
Owen Gibbs Entry Level Applicant Yes 45102 2021-03-01 Login to view
Joseph Holland Entry Level Applicant 45011 2021-03-01 Login to view
Amy Bartholomew Entry Level Applicant 45241 2021-03-01 Login to view
joshua young Entry Level Applicant 45251 2021-03-01 Login to view
Alanna Zink Entry Level Applicant 41017 2021-03-01 Login to view
Tyler Grassman Entry Level Applicant 40222 2021-02-28 Login to view
Austin Deller Entry Level Applicant 45030 2021-02-28 Login to view
Jerome Barefield Entry Level Applicant 45240 2021-02-28 Login to view
Ethan Platen Entry Level Applicant Yes 45247 2021-02-28 Login to view
Deshauntay McClendon Entry Level Applicant Yes 45205 2021-02-16 Login to view
Alexander Kiphart Entry Level Applicant 45233 2021-02-15 Login to view
Sean Boggess Entry Level Applicant 45420 2021-02-14 Login to view
Colin Michaels Entry Level Applicant 45219 2021-02-14 Login to view
Brandon Matthews Entry Level Applicant 45248 2021-02-14 Login to view
Christopher Demoss Experienced Electrician Applicant 45248 2021-02-14 Login to view
Charles Flynn Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessments 45232 2021-02-10 Login to view
Ethan Belknap Entry Level Applicant 45140 2021-02-10 Login to view
oscar fundora Entry Level Applicant 45232 2021-02-10 Login to view
Nathaniel Ector Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessments 45056 2021-02-09 Login to view
Jonathan Carlisle Entry Level Applicant 41033 2021-02-09 Login to view
Matt Keller Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessments 45040 2021-02-07 Login to view
heather reynolds Entry Level Applicant 45205 2021-02-07 Login to view
Bradley Griffith Entry Level Applicant 45211 2021-02-03 Login to view
Brent Garman Entry Level Applicant 45204 2021-02-03 Login to view
Andrew Dettmer Entry Level Applicant Yes 45002 2021-01-30 Login to view
Tiffany Varner Entry Level Applicant 45229 2021-01-30 Login to view
John Walters Entry Level Applicant 41071 2021-01-25 Login to view
Ian Herrmann Entry Level Applicant 45206 2021-01-25 Login to view
Marcus Tennyson Entry Level Applicant 45212 2021-01-25 Login to view
Niall Wright Entry Level Applicant 45202 2021-01-24 Login to view
RonJon Patterson Entry Level Applicant 45214 2021-01-24 Login to view
Kendall Jouett Experienced Electrician Applicant 45205 2021-01-23 Login to view
Hunter Chambers Entry Level Applicant 41006 2021-01-23 Login to view
Garrett Ward Entry Level Applicant Yes 45150 2021-01-18 Login to view
Ashton Brown Entry Level Applicant 45223 2021-01-17 Login to view
Jon Rumph Entry Level Applicant 45240 2021-01-17 Login to view
Darrel Walker Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessments 45103 2021-03-17 Login to view
James Wallace Entry Level Applicant 45102 2021-01-17 Login to view
Jacob Dodson Entry Level Applicant 45255 2021-01-17 Login to view
Nova Froelich Entry Level Applicant 47025 2021-01-17 Login to view
Coleman Hines Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessments 45230 2021-03-03 Login to view
Matthew Daly Entry Level Applicant Yes 41075 2021-03-02 Login to view
Jacob Goetz Entry Level Applicant Yes 45220 2021-03-01 Login to view
Joshua Collins Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessments 45216 2021-03-08 Login to view
Kristian Fern Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessments 45251 2021-02-01 Login to view
Jeremy Marsh Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessments 45177 2020-12-21 Login to view