Application Submissions

First Name Last Name Application Type Assessed for ApprenticeshipUnder Consideration Zip Code Expiration Date Action
Derrick Leist Entry Level Applicant Yes 45251 2021-06-08 Login to view
Justin Blackburn Entry Level Applicant 41001 2021-06-07 Login to view
Nicholas Evans Entry Level Applicant Yes 45150 2021-06-05 Login to view
Nathan Fox Entry Level Applicant Yes 45013 2021-06-05 Login to view
Ty Smith Entry Level Applicant 45142 2021-06-05 Login to view
Wilson Rice Entry Level Applicant Yes 41076 2021-06-01 Login to view
Kaleb Clark Entry Level Applicant Yes 45102 2021-05-30 Login to view
Alex Bugajski Entry Level Applicant 45230 2021-05-25 Login to view
Andrew Dunham Entry Level Applicant 41001 2021-05-25 Login to view
Robert Cunningham Experienced Electrician Applicant Yes 45152 2021-05-23 Login to view
Kyra Bolin Entry Level Applicant 45240 2021-05-23 Login to view
Keith Simmons Entry Level Applicant 45211 2021-05-23 Login to view
Seth Anderson Entry Level Applicant Yes 45122 2021-05-23 Login to view
Alec Huelsman Entry Level Applicant 45044 2021-05-22 Login to view
donald vieth Entry Level Applicant 45218 2021-05-22 Login to view
Christopher Roth Experienced Electrician Applicant 45011 2021-05-18 Login to view
Trevor Schutte Entry Level Applicant 45135 2021-05-16 Login to view
Owen Gibbs Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessments 45102 2021-05-15 Login to view
Bradley Frantz Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessments 45005 2021-05-15 Login to view
Cory Revels Experienced Electrician Applicant 45140 2021-05-11 Login to view
Jenni Smith Entry Level Applicant 41076 2021-05-10 Login to view
Antoinn Hudson Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessments 45014 2021-05-10 Login to view
Alexander Benson Entry Level Applicant 45050 2021-05-10 Login to view
Deruante Mccalip Entry Level Applicant Yes 45227 2021-05-09 Login to view
Andrew Costello Entry Level Applicant 45231 2021-05-08 Login to view
Moses Morton Entry Level Applicant 45223 2021-05-08 Login to view
Ronne Kelly Entry Level Applicant 45207 2021-05-08 Login to view
Patrick Murphy Entry Level Applicant Yes 45244 2021-05-08 Login to view
Keeghan Manzi Entry Level Applicant 45245 2021-05-03 Login to view
James Harrison Entry Level Applicant 45211 2021-05-02 Login to view
Kadyn Walters Entry Level Applicant Yes 45013 2021-05-02 Login to view
Matthew Workman Experienced Electrician Applicant Yes 47037 2021-05-02 Login to view
Darious Moran Current 1st yr apprentice-No longer attending class per KC 3/17/21 45213 2021-05-02 Login to view
Alexcis Ortiz Cazares Entry Level Applicant 41035 2021-04-24 Login to view
Erik Miller Entry Level Applicant 41016 2021-04-24 Login to view
Micah Kingsley Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessments 45152 2021-04-24 Login to view
Alfonza Vandivier Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessmentsYes 45044 2021-04-22 Login to view
Cameron Moran Entry Level Applicant 45167 2021-04-22 Login to view
John Gephart Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessments 45014 2021-04-17 Login to view
Ethan Stout Entry Level Applicant 45251 2021-04-17 Login to view
Keaton Waltho Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessments 45140 2021-04-17 Login to view
Robert Floyd Entry Level Applicant Yes 41051 2021-06-17 Login to view
Yishma-yah Yisra'el Entry Level Applicant 45215 2021-04-17 Login to view
Brent Helgenberger Entry Level Applicant 45044 2021-04-17 Login to view
Michael Bannister Entry Level Applicant Yes- passed all assessmentsYes 45237 2021-06-09 Login to view
Jeremy Wilkinson Entry Level Applicant 45240 2021-04-01 Login to view
Quinn Davis Entry Level Applicant 45211 2021-03-25 Login to view
Nick Bernloehr Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessments 45227 2021-05-21 Login to view
Carl Martini Entry Level Applicant Yes 45238 2021-05-11 Login to view
Christopher Cook Entry Level Applicant Yes 45103 2021-05-07 Login to view
Ethan Platen Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessmentsYes 45247 2021-04-28 Login to view
Charles Flynn Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessments 45232 2021-06-10 Login to view
Brent Garman Entry Level Applicant 45204 2021-06-03 Login to view
Coleman Hines Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessments 45230 2021-05-03 Login to view
Matthew Daly Entry Level Applicant Yes 41007 2021-05-02 Login to view