Application Submissions

First Name Last Name Application Type Assessed for ApprenticeshipUnder Consideration Zip Code Expiration Date Action
Ryan Huber Entry Level Applicant 47001 2020-08-03 Login to view
David Cooper Entry Level Applicant 47331 2020-08-02 Login to view
Austin Stiger Entry Level Applicant Yes 45011 2020-08-02 Login to view
Whitney Moore Entry Level Applicant 41044 2020-08-02 Login to view
Matthew Barrett Entry Level Applicant 41073 2020-08-01 Login to view
Shawn Wernicke Entry Level Applicant 45247 2020-08-01 Login to view
Darious Moran Entry Level Applicant Yes 45213 2020-08-01 Login to view
William Beamon Entry Level Applicant 41018 2020-07-31 Login to view
David Roark Entry Level Applicant 45320 2020-07-30 Login to view
Isiah Grimes Entry Level Applicant 45211 2020-07-29 Login to view
Brandon Ross Entry Level Applicant 45215 2020-07-28 Login to view
Joshua Robison Entry Level Applicant 45226 2020-07-28 Login to view
Alexander Ream Entry Level Applicant 45069 2020-07-27 Login to view
Jarred Davis Entry Level Applicant 45106 2020-07-28 Login to view
Deshontae Gudger Entry Level Applicant 45211 2020-07-28 Login to view
Eric Godby Entry Level Applicant Yes 45002 2020-07-28 Login to view
Kenneth Brown Entry Level Applicant 45044 2020-07-26 Login to view
Nicholas Sanderson Entry Level Applicant Yes 45247 2020-07-26 Login to view
Paolo Reyes Entry Level Applicant 45015 2020-07-25 Login to view
Warren Beckham Entry Level Applicant Yes 45230 2020-07-24 Login to view
Jake Koch Entry Level Applicant Yes 45013 2020-07-24 Login to view
Nathan Holbrook Entry Level Applicant 41073 2020-07-22 Login to view
Ryan Mitchell Entry Level Applicant 41056 2020-07-20 Login to view
John Marshall JR Entry Level Applicant 47240 2020-07-20 Login to view
Sydney Ramnes Entry Level Applicant 41017 2020-07-19 Login to view
James Spradlin Entry Level Applicant 45150 2020-07-19 Login to view
Micheal Kidd Entry Level Applicant 45238 2020-07-18 Login to view
Daniel Leonard Entry Level Applicant 45002 2020-07-18 Login to view
Mitchell Deye Entry Level Applicant 41011 2020-07-18 Login to view
Donald Bartoe Entry Level Applicant Yes 41017 2020-07-18 Login to view
Kevin Schumpf Entry Level Applicant Yes 45226 2020-07-18 Login to view
Andrew Coggins Entry Level Applicant 45229 2020-07-18 Login to view
Gavin Grooms Entry Level Applicant Yes 45245 2020-07-18 Login to view
Bradley Westmeyer Entry Level Applicant Yes 45174 2020-07-17 Login to view
Antonio Morrison Entry Level Applicant 45223 2020-07-16 Login to view
William Damron-Kuhn Entry Level Applicant 45449 2020-07-16 Login to view
Mickey Powell Entry Level Applicant 41189 2020-07-16 Login to view
Charles Glassman Entry Level Applicant 98404 2020-07-14 Login to view
chris sullivan Entry Level Applicant 41005 2020-07-14 Login to view
Brendan Roth Entry Level Applicant 45205 2020-07-13 Login to view
Asher Lavender Entry Level Applicant Yes 41016 2020-07-12 Login to view
Jeremy Kelemen Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessmentsYes 41076 2020-07-12 Login to view
Bryan Chambers Experienced Electrician Applicant Yes 45122 2020-07-11 Login to view
Anthony waechter Entry Level Applicant 45238 2020-07-08 Login to view
Chris Allen Entry Level Applicant 45240 2020-07-07 Login to view
Isaiah Garrett Entry Level Applicant 45212 2020-07-05 Login to view
Brian Thien Experienced Electrician Applicant Yes 45213 2020-07-05 Login to view
Adam Siry Entry Level Applicant 47025 2020-07-05 Login to view
Matthew Reusch Experienced Electrician Applicant 41016 2020-07-03 Login to view
Jared Keith Entry Level Applicant 45233 2020-07-03 Login to view
Tyler Bepler Entry Level Applicant 45211 2020-06-28 Login to view
Melissa Brownell Entry Level Applicant 45238 2020-06-27 Login to view
Wyatt Partin Experienced Electrician Applicant 45011 2020-06-21 Login to view
Alex Arnold Entry Level Applicant Yes 45042 2020-06-21 Login to view
Dakota Pottorf Entry Level Applicant 45067 2020-06-21 Login to view
Tyler Sweet Entry Level Applicant Yes 45002 2020-06-18 Login to view
Kevin Casey Entry Level Applicant 45240 2020-06-17 Login to view
Zachary Fannon Entry Level Applicant 45011 2020-06-17 Login to view
Benjamin Lester Entry Level Applicant Yes 45246 2020-06-17 Login to view
Whitley Schirmer Entry Level Applicant 47011 2020-06-15 Login to view
David Kline Entry Level Applicant 45011 2020-06-14 Login to view
Nikalani Hall Entry Level Applicant 41018 2020-06-14 Login to view
Jason Fischer Entry Level Applicant 45056 2020-06-13 Login to view
Kevin Kroeger Entry Level Applicant 45247 2020-06-13 Login to view
Elijah Drakeford Entry Level Applicant 45207 2020-06-13 Login to view
William Sizemore Entry Level Applicant 45251 2020-06-10 Login to view
Andrew Johnson Entry Level Applicant 45044 2020-06-09 Login to view
Demontez Harrison Entry Level Applicant 45204 2020-06-07 Login to view
Mitchell Bowens Entry Level Applicant 45044 2020-06-06 Login to view
David Washburn Entry Level Applicant Yes 45238 2020-07-05 Login to view
Austin Rogers Entry Level Applicant Yes 45240 2020-08-01 Login to view
Michael Stenger Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessmentsYes 45205 2020-07-24 Login to view
Michael Martin Entry Level Applicant Yes 45140 2020-07-20 Login to view
Jakhari Summerlin Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessments 45231 2020-07-14 Login to view
Todd Brannen Entry Level Applicant 45213 2020-07-13 Login to view
Brit Rothwell Entry Level Applicant 45679 2020-07-09 Login to view
Jason Williams Entry Level Applicant 41042 2020-07-06 Login to view
Perriee Williamson Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessments 41071 2020-07-06 Login to view
Grace Ellifritt Entry Level Applicant Yes 45011 2020-07-03 Login to view
Logan Harris Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessments 45054 2020-07-10 Login to view
Keeghan Brewer Entry Level Applicant 41042 2020-03-06 Login to view
DERRICK BEVERLY Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessments 45177 2020-07-06 Login to view
Shavonte Johnson Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessments 45231 2020-07-25 Login to view
kyle bonser Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessments 45140 2020-07-18 Login to view