Application Submissions

First Name Last Name Application Type Assessed for ApprenticeshipUnder Consideration Zip Code Expiration Date Action
Melissa Brownell Current 1st year apprentice 45238 2020-12-27 Login to view
Will Ahlers Current 1st year apprentice 41017 2020-12-27 Login to view
Timothy Stuckey Entry Level Applicant 45205 2020-12-26 Login to view
Ben Oliver Entry Level Applicant 45245 2020-12-26 Login to view
Sam Mainwaring Entry Level Applicant Yes 45014 2020-12-26 Login to view
Tyler Gaffney Entry Level Applicant 45103 2020-12-26 Login to view
Antoinn Hudson Entry Level Applicant 45014 2020-12-26 Login to view
Tyler Bray Entry Level Applicant 45103 2020-12-26 Login to view
Terrel Smith Entry Level Applicant 45247 2020-12-26 Login to view
Hunter DeGeorge Experienced Electrician Applicant 45050 2020-12-26 Login to view
Devin Young Entry Level Applicant Yes 45231 2020-12-22 Login to view
Nick Ricke Entry Level Applicant 45248 2020-12-21 Login to view
Isaac Bosley Entry Level Applicant 45176 2020-12-19 Login to view
Kaylen Reed Entry Level Applicant 47024 2020-12-19 Login to view
Christopher Hall Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessments 41005 2020-12-19 Login to view
Conner Batchelor Entry Level Applicant 47006 2020-12-19 Login to view
Edward Clark Entry Level Applicant 45216 2020-12-14 Login to view
Tate Hatton Entry Level Applicant 41017 2020-12-14 Login to view
Alexander Callahan Experienced Electrician Applicant 47025 2020-12-14 Login to view
Christina Hamilton Entry Level Applicant 45238 2020-12-13 Login to view
Yishma-yah yisra'el Entry Level Applicant 45215 2020-12-13 Login to view
Spencer Mosley Entry Level Applicant 45219 2020-12-13 Login to view
Peyton Ahrens Entry Level Applicant 45244 2020-12-13 Login to view
hunter braden Entry Level Applicant 45212 2020-12-13 Login to view
Landon Hatley Entry Level Applicant 45103 2020-12-13 Login to view
Jordan Arlinghaus Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessments 45238 2020-12-13 Login to view
Bharun Silwal Entry Level Applicant 45240 2020-12-12 Login to view
Andre Reid Experienced Electrician Applicant 45205 2020-12-12 Login to view
Steven Meinken Entry Level Applicant 45247 2020-12-12 Login to view
Christopher Truesdell Entry Level Applicant 45140 2020-12-12 Login to view
Tierin Williams Entry Level Applicant Yes 45239 2020-12-12 Login to view
Robert Leland Entry Level Applicant 56251 2020-12-11 Login to view
Justin Louden Entry Level Applicant 41048 2020-12-10 Login to view
Jeffrey Mills Entry Level Applicant 45215 2020-12-09 Login to view
John Valentine Entry Level Applicant Yes 45036 2020-12-07 Login to view
Zachery Dixon Experienced Electrician Applicant 41107 2020-12-06 Login to view
Jomel Eubanks Entry Level Applicant 45224 2020-12-06 Login to view
Zachary Lemmon Entry Level Applicant 38135 2020-12-05 Login to view
Devontae Burress Entry Level Applicant 45011 2020-12-05 Login to view
Elijah Drakeford Entry Level Applicant 45207 2020-12-05 Login to view
Andrew Dettmer Entry Level Applicant 45002 2020-12-04 Login to view
Caleb Ake Entry Level Applicant 45013 2020-12-04 Login to view
anthony ashford Entry Level Applicant 41074 2020-12-02 Login to view
Kristian Fern Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessments 45251 2020-12-01 Login to view
John Downs Experienced Electrician Applicant 41008 2020-11-25 Login to view
Kyle Gibbs Yes 45236 2020-11-25 Login to view
Austin Hutchison Entry Level Applicant 45230 2020-11-25 Login to view
Orien Reeves Entry Level Applicant 45244 2020-11-22 Login to view
Bernard Middendorf Entry Level Applicant 45242 2020-11-22 Login to view
Arron Ranford Experienced Electrician Applicant 45238 2020-11-16 Login to view
nick johnson Entry Level Applicant 45247 2020-11-15 Login to view
Trevor Tice Entry Level Applicant 47041 2020-11-15 Login to view
Michael Sizemore Entry Level Applicant 45011 2020-11-14 Login to view
Shane Hilgendorf Entry Level Applicant 45230 2020-11-14 Login to view
Zachary Spaulding Entry Level Applicant 45244 2020-11-13 Login to view
John Hemmer Entry Level Applicant 45239 2020-11-08 Login to view
James Clark Entry Level Applicant Yes 45237 2020-11-08 Login to view
John Went Entry Level Applicant 41035 2020-11-02 Login to view
Jackson Bibb Entry Level Applicant 41075 2020-10-31 Login to view
Mitchell Mullins Entry Level Applicant 45102 2020-10-31 Login to view
Phillip Rains Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessments 45157 2020-12-21 Login to view
Jeremy Marsh Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessments 45177 2020-12-21 Login to view
Keeghan Manzi Entry Level Applicant Yes 45245 2020-11-29 Login to view
kyle bonser Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessments 45140 2020-11-18 Login to view