Application Submissions

First Name Last Name Application Type Assessed for ApprenticeshipUnder Consideration Zip Code Expiration Date Action
Matt Rice Experienced Electrician Applicant Yes 45202 2022-03-19 Login to view
Michael Warren Entry Level Applicant Yes 45211 2022-03-17 Login to view
Ethan Osburne Entry Level Applicant 45150 2022-03-17 Login to view
Devon Adkins Entry Level Applicant 45014 2022-03-13 Login to view
Bronson Evans Entry Level Applicant Yes 45403 2022-03-10 Login to view
Joshua Ortiz Experienced Electrician Applicant Yes 45244 2022-03-07 Login to view
Michael Nicely Entry Level Applicant 45065 2022-03-06 Login to view
Charles Robertson Entry Level Applicant Yes 45227 2022-03-05 Login to view
Abraham Prewitt Entry Level Applicant 45140 2022-03-03 Login to view
spencer peters Entry Level Applicant 45056 2022-02-27 Login to view
Devin Williams Experienced Electrician Applicant 45245 2022-02-27 Login to view
Jesse Nolan Entry Level Applicant Yes 45245 2022-02-21 Login to view
Mike LaFollette Experienced Electrician Applicant 41005 2022-02-17 Login to view
Kendall Jackson Entry Level Applicant 45251 2022-02-15 Login to view
Christopher Austin Entry Level Applicant 45230 2022-02-10 Login to view
Grant Ayers Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed both assessments 45244 2022-02-09 Login to view
Ryan Thomas Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed both assessments 45211 2022-02-09 Login to view
Matt Rice Experienced Electrician Applicant 45202 2022-02-08 Login to view
Michael Johnson Entry Level Applicant Yes 45044 2022-02-11 Login to view
Keegan Young Entry Level Applicant 45102 2022-02-07 Login to view
Christian Anderson Entry Level Applicant 45227 2022-02-07 Login to view
Darryl Carpenter Entry Level Applicant 45231 2022-02-06 Login to view
Damontae Axtmann Entry Level Applicant 45214 2022-02-06 Login to view
Timothy Bennett Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed both assessments 45015 2022-02-01 Login to view
Drew Ritchie Entry Level Applicant 41014 2022-02-01 Login to view
Donald Johnson Entry Level Applicant 41018 2022-02-01 Login to view
austin baker Entry Level Applicant 45121 2022-01-24 Login to view
Solomon Johnson Entry Level Applicant 452553 2022-01-11 Login to view