Application Submissions

First Name Last Name Application Type Assessed for ApprenticeshipUnder Consideration Zip Code Expiration Date Action
Matt Pittner Entry Level Applicant 41048 2021-08-11 Login to view
David Mahan Entry Level Applicant 41063 2021-08-10 Login to view
Jake Silvers Entry Level Applicant 41017 2021-08-10 Login to view
Mahari Lawson Entry Level Applicant 45230 2021-08-09 Login to view
Daniel Larkins Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessmentsYes 45052 2021-08-07 Login to view
Paul Krutisia Entry Level Applicant 45230 2021-08-04 Login to view
Lucas Irving Entry Level Applicant 45005 2021-08-03 Login to view
Andrew Heeg Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessments 41001 2021-08-03 Login to view
Ben Bookbinder 2nd Year Apprentice 45106 2021-08-03 Login to view
Brian Richards Entry Level Applicant 45240 2021-08-02 Login to view
Gregory Flint Entry Level Applicant 45241 2021-08-01 Login to view
Collane Robinson Entry Level Applicant 41035 2021-08-01 Login to view
Logan Mueller Entry Level Applicant 45248 2021-07-28 Login to view
Nick Rinaldi Entry Level Applicant Yes 45069 2021-07-27 Login to view
Jesse Linville Entry Level Applicant 45205 2021-07-26 Login to view
jordan jackson Entry Level Applicant 45011 2021-07-26 Login to view
David Mosley Entry Level Applicant 45251 2021-07-24 Login to view
ethan courts Entry Level Applicant Yes 41097 2021-07-21 Login to view
DAndre Conley Entry Level Applicant 45239 2021-07-19 Login to view
claudio marcio leitum de souza Entry Level Applicant 45429 2021-07-18 Login to view
anthony barrett Entry Level Applicant 41015 2021-07-18 Login to view
Zachary Haugh Entry Level Applicant 45217 2021-07-17 Login to view
Mitchell Eifert Entry Level Applicant 45255 2021-07-17 Login to view
Savanna Hayes Entry Level Applicant 45238 2021-07-12 Login to view
Brady Wright Entry Level Applicant Yes 45066 2021-07-12 Login to view
Amanda Minton Experienced Electrician Applicant 45153 2021-07-12 Login to view
Joseph Clark Entry Level Applicant 45239 2021-07-11 Login to view
Jaylen Watkins Entry Level Applicant 45039 2021-07-06 Login to view
Kamiyah Scott Entry Level Applicant 45225 2021-07-05 Login to view
Moses Morton Entry Level Applicant 45223 2021-06-29 Login to view
Nicholas Burrus Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessments 45231 2021-06-23 Login to view
Aylee Cole Entry Level Applicant 45036 2021-06-23 Login to view
Alexander Menke Entry Level Applicant 45342 2021-06-19 Login to view
Silas Holland Entry Level Applicant 45245 2021-06-15 Login to view
Caden Bovard Entry Level Applicant 47040 2021-06-14 Login to view
Antoinn Hudson Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessments 45014 2021-07-10 Login to view
Patrick Murphy Entry Level Applicant Yes 45244 2021-07-08 Login to view
Robert Floyd Entry Level Applicant Yes 41051 2021-06-17 Login to view
Jeremy Wilkinson Entry Level Applicant Yes 45240 2021-06-13 Login to view
Charles Flynn Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessments 45232 2021-08-10 Login to view
Brent Garman Entry Level Applicant Yes - passed all assessments 45204 2021-08-03 Login to view