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June 3, 2020

Green Energy

Green Energy in the Electrical Field

Electrical work offers a lucrative and rewarding path for individuals at any stage of professional development. While many new electricians ultimately find work in residential or commercial wiring, there are a wide variety of unique opportunities for those with the right skills and training. From automotive to marine applications, there is no shortage of highly specialized electrical fields.

Renewable energy is one particularly exciting field for both new and experienced electricians. By taking advantage of the green energy revolution, you can discover new financial opportunities while helping to save the planet. Below you will find just three ways that this change in energy generation can benefit your career.

  1. New Training Opportunities

Professional development is an often unappreciated aspect of any career. Learning new skills helps you to grow both personally and professionally, and it can provide new opportunities for contractors, business owners, and employees. Acquiring certifications in new fields can expand your horizons and ensure that your career has longevity, even if you do not intend to move into green energy right away.

The push for more renewable energy generation means that there are more chances than ever to discover entirely new skills. It’s easy to think that green energy begins and ends with home solar panels, but these are only the tip of the iceberg. A wide variety of green energy industries — from hydroelectric to wind power — are driving increased demand for electricians.

With so many options, it’s easy to discover a training path that you find exciting. Even better, the broad gamut of industries taking advantage of renewable energy will create many niche opportunities. By taking advantage of these training opportunities today, you can help to position yourself as a highly specialized expert for tomorrow.

  1. Increased Consumer and Business Awareness

Green energy also benefits electricians who choose to stick with a traditional residential contracting career. With Cincinnati constructing one of the largest municipal solar projects in the nation, no area offers more significant potential for consumer awareness of renewable energy. This awareness provides distinct benefits for electricians that work on both renovations and new construction.

Retrofitting solar technology into existing homes is itself a growing field. Electricians are required to not only install new equipment but also to evaluate properties for their suitability for solar power. Renovations of this type can range from relatively small installations to significant projects supporting large, multi-unit residential buildings.

New homes also tend to sell for more when equipped with solar technology, pushing a higher number of developers to integrate renewable energy into their projects. These new projects provide many electricians with the opportunity to be involved in new construction from start to finish. With expertise in renewable technologies, you can help to shape the future of new home development.

  1. More Jobs in Infrastructure

U.S. infrastructure was aging even before the green revolution, and renewable energy now presents an opportunity for states, cities, and private entities to replace old, carbon-emitting infrastructure with clean new technologies. As this shift takes place, electricians will have critical roles to play across these projects.

These jobs will not be limited to only a few specialties. Most infrastructure projects require expertise in everything from high-voltage line installation to data transmission. Many of these positions will require experienced electricians with a wide variety of backgrounds, but junior electricians will also be able to build knowledge and experience to last for the rest of their careers.

Whatever aspect of renewable energy you are interested in, Independent Electrical Contractors of Greater Cincinnati is here to support you. Our training and licensing programs can help you through any stage of your career. Get in touch with us today to become a part of this bright new future.