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June 29, 2020

Electrician Training Courses Ideal for House Flipping

electrical skills for house flipping

If you are invested in the world of house flipping, you can make more profit when you learn and build on the skills you already know. Becoming a certified electrician will help you in many aspects of house upgrades and will go a long way in learning the basic structure of a home.

Learn about specific courses that cater to house flipping and renovation. The focus on the courses will improve your knowledge and give you a lot of hands-on experience.

Safety Courses

Safety courses are essential for any type of electrical training, but especially for home renovations. As you head into a house flip, you will tear down walls, remove cabinets, and make major changes. Electrical safety is an important aspect as you embark on a house project.

Through the safety training, you will learn to properly shut off power to a home, how to test outlets for active power, and how to check for connections to the outer grid. For example, the last thing you want to do is tear up a floor and rip out important electrical cables for the home.

The safety training will help you understand the electrical layout of a home and the proper equipment needed to complete tasks. The courses will also guide you through the proper ways to turn the power back on in a home, avoid circuit breaker jumps, or deal with power surge issues.

Confined Spaces

Working in tight spaces could be a challenge, especially in older homes where electrical boxes and wires are not in ideal locations. Some electrical courses have specific classes focused on confined spaces. The courses will teach you the best way to access tools and work in the tight spaces with little to no movement.

Along with the skills of working in the tight spaces, you can also learn how to manage the stress and anxiety that comes with the areas. You can learn how to focus, concentrate on your breathing, and get used to the small areas.

For example, you could have a situation where you must work in a small attic crawlspace. The hands-on learning will help you learn flashlight positions and body movements to help complete the tasks without any major delays.

Old Wiring and Equipment

A majority of the electrician courses you will take focus on newer equipment and ensuring homes are up to code. Understanding modern equipment is important, but you should also focus on courses that take on antiquated equipment and wiring setups. Through the courses, you will learn how to recognize old circuit breakers and test for grounded lines.

The courses will teach you how to properly upgrade the connections, identify faulty wiring, and remove the older electrical components. The courses will also focus on electrical safety as older wires could have a lot more dangers than modern equipment.

Asbestos Training Courses

As you work on old houses, one of the main concerns to deal with is asbestos exposure. Electricians are often educated on asbestos as they must access walls, ceilings, and attics to reach electrical components. Through the training, you will learn how to properly recognize asbestos and what equipment to wear while on the job.

The asbestos training will also include the steps to properly dispose of material and the safest way to remove items to access electrical wiring. For example, asbestos insulation could cover a whole electrical unit within the home. You do not want to accidentally cut through or expose asbestos particles in the air.

The training will go beyond just your electrical needs as handling asbestos will become a part of the whole house renovation process.

Contact us at the Independent Electrical Contractors of Greater Cincinnati to learn more about our available training and courses. We have extensive classes and will help set up a course to fit your needs as you embark on the world of house flipping.