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February 7, 2017

5 Attributes That Indicate Being an Electrician Might Be the Career for You

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Choosing to become an electrician is a great decision for thousands of men and women, but it can be hard to know if becoming an electrician is the best option for you. Picking a career is serious business, and that is why you will want to make the right choice. If you have ever wondered what it takes to be an electrician, below are several personal attributes that indicate a career as an electrician might be perfect for you.

You Enjoy Problem Solving

Being an electrician entails a lot of troubleshooting and finding the answers to challenging questions. Electricians study problems and find solutions, and they spend a good deal of time searching for clues along
the way. Discovering how to make an installation or fix something broken requires a willingness to be persistent and leverage your own curiosity to keep you moving forward.

If you enjoy problem solving, then you possess one of the key attributes needed for success as an electrician. The great news is that you will never be bored as an electrician, and if you love being the one
who finds the answers, you are a great candidate for this career.

You Are Skilled at Working With Your Hands

You won’t be expected to know much about electricity when you first begin a career as an electrician that’s what your apprentice training is for-but it’s a good
sign that you will thrive if you have a track record of skillfully and patiently working with your hands. The work as an electrician requires you to be hands-on, and you will use a lot of different tools and materials
in the course of your job.

If you gain personal satisfaction by working around the house or by performing other such work, such as painting, auto repair, construction, or gardening, then you should consider a career as an electrician. In
addition, if you are into hobbies such as model building, wood carving, pottery, or similar hands-on activities, you should also give serious consideration to becoming an electrician.

You Are Physically Healthy

The good news is that you don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to be a successful electrician. However, it is important that you are in decent physical shape and are not afraid of working hard. Electricians spend a
lot of time climbing, crawling and reaching, and you will want to have enough dexterity and ability to maneuver around to perform the necessary work.

In addition, you will also want to have good color vision if you are interested in becoming an electrician. Being able to distinguish among the various colors used in the electrical industry, including wiring and components, is a critical safety skill. If your color vision is normal and you care about your physical health, then keep the possibility open of becoming an electrician.

You Believe That Safety Is Paramount

The most important job of an electrician, above and beyond even fixing a problem, is working safely. Dealing with thousands of volts of electricity demands that electricians approach their work with attention
and a commitment to being safe. If you share this view by believing that all accidents are preventable and are serious about placing safety first, then you possess a mindset that indicates you have what it takes to
be an electrician.

You Find Satisfaction From Being Part of a Team

Being an electrician means you are part of a bigger team in most cases. Even the electrician who owns their own business is still likely to work in partnership with others on the job site.

For example, if you are performing installation work, such as adding wiring or boxes, then you will be working with other subcontractors and coordinating everything with the general contractor. That means if you
are motivated by working as part of a team and enjoy the stimulation it provides, then being an electrician might be the right choice of careers.

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