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January 22, 2018

3 Interview Tips to Help You Get That Job as an Electrician


If you are seeking a job as an electrician for the first time, it is helpful to know a few ways that you can move forward. This post lists three important job interview practices that will help you stand out from the crowd. Job interviews can be nerve-wracking, but by following these tips you’ll be able to conquer your fears and get the job of your dreams.

1. Make Physical Appearance a Priority

Like it or not, your physical appearance does matter during a job interview. You should always dress appropriately for the type of the job you are seeking, and when in doubt, always wear professional or business attire.

For example, for an electrician’s job interview, it is most appropriate to show up wearing clean, ironed pants and a button-down, collared shirt. Shoes should be well-polished and a matching belt should also always be worn.

However, a three-piece suit is likely to be a poor choice for interviewees for an electrician’s job. While a suit may make you look sharp, it simply doesn’t work for the job at hand, and employers may view you as ill-prepared for the work ahead.

Of course, physical appearance is about more than just your clothes; and there are several other variables. For example, you will want to make sure your hair is trimmed neatly and that you practice other positive personal hygiene habits.

If you have tattoos on your arms and legs, consider how you might cover them up temporarily or at least disguise them for a while. Many employers are friendly toward tattoos as long as they aren’t distracting or inappropriate.

2. Prepare for the Questions             

Interviews can be frightening, but you can greatly reduce your fear by preparing for the interview ahead of time. One of the best ways to prepare is a mock interview. Mock interviews are sometimes available through a social services agency, or your friends and family can also conduct your mock interview.

While it is usually impossible to know the exact interview questions ahead of time, most interview questions are similar across industries. Below are several common interview questions you are likely to see:

  • Where do you see your career in five years?
  • Describe a situation where you failed at a job. What did you do to correct the problem?
  • How do you handle difficult customers?
  • What is your weakest personality trait?
  • Describe an incident where you showed leadership.

Once you have a list of questions, take time to write down the answers and rehearse them verbally. While you won’t have your notes with you in the interview, it does help to practice ahead of time so the answers become second nature.

3. Maintain Job-Winning Body Language

Maintaining positive body language is another important aspect of making sure your interview is successful. Too often, job applicants can provide solid responses to the interview questions, but negative body language nullifies their efforts.

The positive body language traits you should keep in mind and deploy in interviews include:

  • Keep consistent eye contact
  • Practice self-restraint and avoid fidgeting
  • Display pleasant facial expressions such as smiles and laughs, when appropriate
  • Maintain excellent posture by keeping your shoulders back and chin up
  • Speak with clarity and precision and avoid rapid talk

One way to practice job-winning body language is to use a full-length mirror for rehearsals. By observing yourself during a mock interview, you can get instant feedback on your behaviors and make changes when necessary.

To learn more about becoming an electrician, contact our friendly team at Independent Electrical Contractors of Greater Cincinnati for help. We can offer you concrete steps to make sure you are able to pursue your education and become an electrician.