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Electrician Boss? What Does The Road To Success Look Like?

As an electrician, you have the opportunity to work in a variety of settings and for plenty of different types of employers. You might work for a residential service company, a business or for a construction contractor. Who else can you work for? For yourself!  ...

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Your Questions About Electrician Workplace Safety Answered

No one can deny that becoming an electrician and small-business owner is rewarding. You'll make your clients' homes safer, better and brighter while working either for yourself or with a small team of committed electricians. (And, of course, the regular pay doesn't...

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Perfect Practice Makes Perfect Safety

Recently I have taken up playing golf. Since I have not played a lot in the past, I find learning to play well is a challenge. When you watch one of the professionals on television it does not appear to be all that difficult. But that appearance comes from a high...

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