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2014 National Convention and Awards

Thank you IEC National and the host chapter, IEC Chesapeake for a great time at the 57th Annual IEC National Convention & Electric Expo in Baltimore, Maryland last week! The convention was all about energizing your network, your technology, and your business.

IEC of Greater Cincinnati and our members took home awards in various categories. For a complete list of award winners, click here.

2014 IEC of Greater Cincinnati Award Winners

Apprenticeship Alumni Award: Steve Denier, Denier Electric
ATLAS Award (Apprenticeship, Training, Leadership, Advocacy, Support): IEC of Greater Cincinnati
Chapter of the Year: IEC of Greater Cincinnati, Category C
Team Award: Curriculum Development Group: John Sayne, Denier Electric

Awards of Excellence in Electrical Construction, Commercial:

For contract amounts between $500,001 and $1,500,000
Beacon Electric (Cincinnati, Ohio)
The Banshee at Kings Island

For contract amounts over $5,000,001
Denier Electric (Harrison, Ohio)
Mercy West Hospital

Awards of Excellence in Electrical Construction, Industrial:

For contract amounts from $1,500,001 to $5,000,000
Denier Electric (Harrison, Ohio)
Forest Pharmaceuticals

Awards of Excellence in Electrical Construction, Efficient Energy/Green Construction:

LEED Approved Construction
Denier Electric (Harrison, Ohio)
Bob Evans Corporate Headquarters

Power Generation
TMI Electrical Solutions (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Rexnord Photovoltaic Array

Apprentice of the Year, 3rd Place
Matthew Grover, King’s Electric Services

Congratulations to all and we look forward to next year in Tampa, Florida, October 21-24, 2015!

IEC of Greater Cincinnati Reaches Milestone

In 1998, IEC of Greater Cincinnati’s 22 contractor members had a vision to build a world class training facility. 3-1/2 acres were purchased for $80,000. Prints were drawn for a 10,800-square-foot building including a 110-space parking lot. The facility was designed to house our offices, meeting space, classrooms, and labs. A construction loan was secured for $605,000 and construction began. The hands on training labs have evolved over the past twelve years with the help of the IEC National Foundation and material donations from local and national industry partners.

We made the final payment on our building this month. This achievement is a testament to our Chapter members. Each believes working together to share the cost of developing a well-trained workforce gives them the ability to compete and prosper in their highly competitive electrical construction market.

Our contractor membership has grown to 35 and continues to attract the very best merit shop contractors. Today we celebrated the mortgage payoff with a catered breakfast. Congressman Steve Chabot attended and reviewed the local, national and global issues that pertain to small business owners.

Looking toward the future, IEC of Greater Cincinnati purchased an adjoining 3-1/2 acres when it became available in 2000. Currently it is being used for overflow parking during special Chapter events. As our Chapter grows, this land will incorporate our current center’s future growth and expansion needs.

Employment Opportunities

IEC of Greater Cincinnati is accepting applications for experienced journeyman electricians, electrician helpers and apprentices.
Call (513) 542-0400. EEO

Excellent pay and benefits. Hourly rates are based upon credentials, skills and experience.

Applications are by appointment only. Please call IEC at 513-542-0400 to schedule an appointment. We do not accept resumes.

Applications will be made available to more than 35 electrical contractor members of the IEC Greater Cincinnati chapter for employment opportunities. Applicants must have a valid driver‘s license and transportation. ALL prospective employees are subject to a pre-employment physical and drug screen.

2014 Graduation and Awards Banquet

IEC of Greater Cincinnati congratulates the 33 apprentices that graduated from the 4-year apprenticeship program June 5th.  The Graduation and Awards ceremony took place at the Sharonville Convention Center with over 175 in attendance!

Class of 2014

Robert N. Arnett, Queen City Electric, Inc.
Joey C. Balzer, Viox Services, Inc.
Kyle W. Basdon, Craftsman Electric, Inc.
Reed P. Bertke, Bertke Electric Co., Inc.
Brandon M. Calloway, Atkins & Stang, Inc.
Michael E. DeFossett, King’s Electric Services, Inc.
Patrick S. Donovan, Kraft Electrical Contracting, Inc.
Michael A. DuBose, Denier Electric Co., Inc.
Charlie B. Fischer, Jr., Craftsman Electric, Inc.
Scott R. Fritz, AC Electrical Systems, Inc.
Andrew L. Geers, Kenmarc, Inc.
Matthew B. Grover, King’s Electric Services, Inc.
Michael T. Hampton, Ohio Valley Electrical Services, LLC
Robert A. Huck, LPM Electric
Kyle J. Kellum, Biz Com Electric, Inc.
Jeffrey R. Kuebel, Queen City Electric, Inc.
Brandon C. Lindsay, Parks OV Electric, LLC
Michael S. Miller, Kraft Electrical Contracting, Inc.
Andrew W. Monroe, Stapleton Electric Co.
Joshua E. Nixon, Kraft Electrical Contracting, Inc.
James M. Parker, Denier Electric Co., Inc.
Steven N. Rentz, Cooper Electric
Gabriel M. Rogers, Denier Electric Co., Inc.
Joshua D. Ruberg, Kraft Electrical Contracting, Inc.
Benjamin C. Sanford, AC Electrical Systems, Inc.
Timothy J. Sattler, Queen City Electric, Inc.
James R. Schaefer, ICS Electrical Services
Anthony W. Smith, Kraft Electrical Contracting, Inc.
Jeremy D. Thompson, ICS Electrical Services
Kurt M. Vaughn, Rossmann Electric
David S. Watkins, Trebor Electrical Contractors, Inc.
Andrew J. Weisenberger, AC Electrical Systems, Inc.
Kevin L. Witte, Ohio Valley Electrical Services, Inc.

Congratulations to our 2014 Apprentice of the Year, Matthew Grover, King’s Electric Services!  Matthew won a 10-Piece Klein Tool Kit, an Ideal Tool Kit and Meter as well as an all-expense paid trip to the IEC National Convention in Baltimore where he will compete in the National Wire-Off Competition.  Matthew was also awarded highest GPA in 4th year of apprenticeship, highest GPA for monthly code exams in 4th year of apprenticeship, perfect score on the Middletown, Ohio, Journeyman Exam, and the Academic Excellence Award!

Other Award Winners:
IEC of Greater Cincinnati Essay Contest – Charlie Fischer, Jr., Craftsman Electric
Perfect Attendance 2013-2014 School Year – Brandon Calloway, Atkins & Stang, Bob Huck, LPM Electric, Tim Sattler, Queen City Electric
4 Years of Outstanding Attendance (4 hours or less missed in 4 years) – Tim Sattler, Queen City Electric
4 Year Overall Perfect Attendance (no hours missed in 4 years) – Brandon Calloway, Atkins & Stang
4 Year Overall Cumulative GPA of 93 or Above – Charlie Fischer, Jr., Craftsman Electric (93.17%), Kyle Kellum, Biz Com Electric (93.82%), Mike Hampton,Ohio Valley Electric (93.83%)
1st Place Wire-Off Winner – Matthew Grover, King’s Electric
3rd Place Wire-Off - Dave Watkins, Trebor Electric
2nd Place Wire-Off - Mike Hampton, Ohio Valley Electric

All apprentices passed the Middletown, Ohio, Journeyman Exam and 30 out of 33 of our apprentices passed the Kentucky Journeyman Exam.  Congratulations to our graduates!

2013 IEC National Convention

The IEC convention was well attended by 32 Cincinnati members and staff in Portland, Oregon last week and concluded on Saturday evening with the Presidents Awards Gala. I am pleased to announce that Jake Gray won first place in the prestigious “Apprentice of the Year” competition. Jake
worked hard in the three day competition testing his skills with the very best electricians from around the country. Congratulations to Jake and his employer, Denier Electric for a job well done!

Apprentice of the Year

Our chapter won the “Chapter of the Year” award for the tenth year in a row! Congratulations to all of the Cincinnati IEC members. Our success is because of your involvement at IEC.
In addition, our chapter won the “Chapter Excellence” trophy award that will be proudly displayed in our school.

Thanks to the following participants for attending the convention and participating on IEC committees and the instructors that teach our program.

David Hittinger – Executive Director
Jeri Hittinger
Kevin Collins – Training Director
Deb Collins
Gina Young – Apprenticeship Coordinator
Jay Young
Jaylin Young
Sommer Andriot – Chapter Relations
Steve Ortner – Ohio Valley Electric, Chapter President
Cindy Ortner
Mark Gillespie – TMI Electric, Chapter A&T chairman, IEC national Executive Committee
Caroline Wethington
Tom Alexander – Atkins and Stang Electric, IEC national Membership Committee Chairman, IEC chapter golf committee
Steve Denier – Vice President of Construction, Denier Electric, Chapter Trustee, IEC national Workforce Development Committee, IEC chapter golf committee
Kim Denier
Dan Denier – Contract Manager, Denier Electric, IEC national Membership Committee chairman and a helluva good golfer!
Jeff Heitker – President/CFO, Denier Electric, IEC Foundation Chairman
Mike Kallmeyer – Senior Vice President Construction, Denier Electric, IEC national past President
Justin Beischel – J. Beischel Electric
Brian Scudder – Queen City Electric, IEC Instructor
Dottie Scudder
Eric Baker – Denier Electric, IEC Instructor
Gary Gambill – Denier Electric Manufacturing, IEC Instructor
Shawn Loar – Kenmarc Electric, IEC Instructor
Darrell McIntosh – IEC Instructor
Steve Levering – Carr Electric, IEC Instructor
John Sayne – Safety Consultant, IEC national A&T committee
Betty Sayne
Jake Gray – Denier Electric, apprentice of the year competitor and his family members, Jane Gray, Daniel Gray, and Anna Riggleman

Chapter Excellence Award

An industry colleague made this comment on our chapter’s success.

“Great leaders not only establish the standard for success, they create the culture that continues a high level of achievement that results in success.

Congratulations to you and your colleagues for the IEC Chapter of the Year and Apprentice of the Year Awards. These awards are well deserved, and acknowledge the efforts of the exceptional program at the Cincinnati Chapter.”



Jonathan F. Gosse
Editor in Chief
American Technical Publishers
10100 Orland Parkway, Suite 200
Orland Park, Illinois 60467-5756

How great to be associated with the best of the best in the USA!

More photos from the entire convention will be posted soon.

2013 Graduation and Awards Banquet

IEC of Greater Cincinnati congratulates the 19 apprentices that graduated from the 4-year apprenticeship program last Thursday, June 6, 2013.  124 family members, friends, and contractor members attended the event at The Crowne Plaza Cincinnati North Hotel.  Nearly $5,000 in cash prizes were awarded to the graduates for perfect attendance, highest GPA, essay contest and other honors.  This year, every graduate passed the Middletown AND the Kentucky Journeyman License Exams – a first in history!  Kevin Collins, IEC Training Director promised to shave his head bald if we had a 100% passing rate on the the license exam…..see below for photos of Kevin’s new look!

Jacob Gray, Denier Electric Co., Inc. is our Apprentice of the Year!  Jacob scored 961 points out of a possible 1053 points in our Apprentice of the Year competition and will go on to compete at the National Wire-Off competition at the IEC National Convention in September in Portland, Oregon.

2013 Award Winners:

IEC Essay Contest – Jacob Gray, Denier Electric.  Jacob placed 2nd in the IEC National Essay Contest.

Highest GPA in each year of apprenticeship

1st Year – Eric McDonald, Curry Electric

2nd Year – Joshua Schmidt, Queen City Electric

3rd Year – Matthew Grover, King’s Electric Services

4th Year – Scott King, Kraft Electrical Contracting

Highest GPA for Monthly Code Exams in 2nd, 3rd and 4th year

2nd Year – Joshua Schmidt, Queen City Electric

3rd Year – Matthew Grover, King’s Electric Services

4th Year – Jacob Russell, Atkins & Stang

Top Scorers on the Middletown Exam

Matthew Bailey, Gilkey, 96%

Scott King, Kraft Electrical Contracting, 96%

Nic Love, Denier Electric, 96%

Jacob Russell, Atkins & Stang, 96%

Perfect Attendance in 4th Year of Apprenticeship

Matt Boffey, King’s Electric Services

Wayne Jankovich, ICS Electrical Services

Scott King, Kraft Electrical Contracting

Ritchie Lambert, Kraft Electrical Contracting

Dan Reilly, Atkins & Stang

4 Years of Outstanding Attendance (4 hours or less missed in 4 years)

Jacob Gray, Denier Electric

4 Year Overall Perfect Attendance

Matt Boffey, King’s Electric Services

Wayne Jankovich, ICS Electrical Services

4 Year Cumulative GPA of 93% or Above

Bill Root, Curry Electric, 93%

Matt Boffey, King’s Electric Serives, 93.32%

93% GPA or above in EACH YEAR of School

Jacob Gray, Denier Electric

Scott King, Kraft Electrical Contracting

Nic Love, Denier Electric

Academic Excellence Award – The 4th year apprentice with the highest overall cumulative GPA for 4 years of apprenticeship

Wayne Jankovich, ICS Electrical Services

2013 Apprentice of the Year (wire off) Competition

Participants were: Matt Boffey, King’s Electric Services; Rick Rosell, King’s Electric Services; Jacob Gray, Denier Electric; Nic Love, Denier Electric; Bill Root, Curry Electric; Ritchie Lambert, Kraft Electrical Contracting & Scott King, Kraft Electrical Contracting

3rd place:  Matt Boffey, King’s Electric Services

2nd place: Scott King, Kraft Electrical Contracting

1st place: Jacob Gray, Denier Electric

Congratulations Class of 2013!






Graduation Photos




Biz Com Electric works high above Cincinnati

Some people like to climb mountains or go skydiving and then we have those people that don’t mind working on top of the tallest building in Cincinnati.  Tall structures like radio towers and the like must provide a beacon light at the top as a warning to air traffic that may be in the area.  These beacons must remain lit at all times so relamping is a must.  Recently, Biz Com had to relamp the beacon on top of Great American Tower, Cincinnati’s tallest skyscraper.  The tiara is 130 feet tall sitting on top of the 41 story office building.

2013 Golf Outing

IEC of Greater Cincinnati’s 10th Annual Golf Outing was a HUGE success!!  We had 211 golfers and over 50 sponsors and donors!  Thank you to everyone who golfed, sponsored, set up a tee box and donated items.  We profited nearly $18,000 this year, our biggest year yet!  All the money will go towards our apprenticeship and training program.

For the second year in a row, someone hit a hole-in-one!!  Congratulations to Doug Eisen of F.D. Lawrence.  He was awarded $1,000!!

To view a list of our sponsors and donors, click on the 2013 Sponsors & Donors link.


10th Annual IEC Golf Outing!

IEC of Greater Cincinnati’s 10th Annual Golf Outing is coming up on May 2nd at Shaker Run Golf Club in Lebanon, OH.  We are at capacity with 216 golfers and have over 40 sponsors!  We hope this turns out to be our biggest golf event yet!  See you on the green!

Submit Your Nomination for the 2013 IEC National Awards

The 2013 IEC National Awards commend contractor members, individuals, and chapters who go above and beyond their normal scope of work, or have achieved great accomplishments in the industry through a variety of awards such as:

  • Member of the Year
  • Industry Achievement
  • IEC Apprentice Alumni Award
  • Chapter Excellence
  • Instructor of the Year Award
  • Community Service Award
  • Awards of Excellence in Electrical Construction
  • and more!

To see a list of all the awards, download the 2013 IEC Awards Brochure.

Nominations are now being accepted and can be submitted online!  Click here for more details.